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  1. Roger Daltrey

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    Legends at capacity with about 40 outside trying to get in. Charlie Ds closed. Amateur hour at our club again. Who makes these decisions??
  2. Roger Daltrey

    ICT v Pars

    What boozers are folk planning to go to pre game? Any recommendations?
  3. Roger Daltrey


    Ffs. 😕
  4. Roger Daltrey


    Apart from Doran's chance, we struggled to get out our own half there. Couldn't keep a hold of the ball and weren't pressing nearly as high as we were against Ayr at East End. Do we know why Thomas is MIA?
  5. Roger Daltrey

    The Jags v The Pars

    Uninspiring, turgid football. Wilson made a difference when he came on. That's about the only positive I have.
  6. Roger Daltrey

    The Jags v The Pars

    Just had a massive rush of hope and enthusiasm and ordered the live stream. Here goes nothing, I swore to myself I wouldn't. 🙈
  7. Roger Daltrey

    Board statement

    I think Fife's Elite sums up my opinion well on this. We all want Grant gone and the statement yesterday was clearly dreadful. Huge error of judgement by either the existing board or the German investors and hopefully the reaction of 99% of fans commenting online will be a sobering wake up call for where we all are with Grant's ongoing tenure. It's not just the minority who go too far that want him out, it's the vast majority of the fan base. However, off the pitch, our board have gone over and above in recent years to make fans feel engaged and cultivate a community club. I think talk of profiteering from East End Park is well wide of the mark. It over estimates the value of the land and ignores the levels of protection put in place by the community interest company, including the right to buy it back if the investors ever tried to sell it on. More importantly, there's talk on figures as high as 700k being planned to spend on the new training facility and youth academy at Rosyth. We'd never have been in a position to sink that sort of investment in our future previously. Yes, this is an own goal. Yes, Peter Grant should go ASAP. However, take the emotion out of the situation, and there are still some really obvious positives the German's bring and I think we shouldn't be using this bad decision as a carte blanch reason to condemn their overall intentions towards the club. I do think they have completely misjudged the situation with PG though and it is worrying.
  8. Roger Daltrey

    Where will the Pars finish this season?

    I think 2nd. We are about to have a good season, but Killie could be too strong. I'd take 2nd and another season of Peter Grant building.
  9. Roger Daltrey

    New posters

    Joined ages ago but fell out of the habit of coming on here.. dotNet is torture, so am making a concerted effort to use this forum more.