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  1. The outstanding candidate by a distance IMO. Did a great job with Croatia and was doing well at West Ham until the fiasco with the French lad. (Payet?)
  2. Hope McLeish is ok. Liked him as a player. Liked him first time around as Scotland boss. Reckon Gemmill or Mackay will be front ruñners for the job. Maybe Davie Moyes or Strachan. Looking at the bookies odds, not any realistic names to get the juices flowing. Just shows how little prestige comes with the Scotland job now. It's less attractive than an English Championship role now imo.
  3. Don't buy the excuse about us not having good enough players. Nations like Northern Ireland have qualified for major tournaments recently, with a standard of player similar to ours. Difference is that these teams are well organised, with players who are engaged and motivated by playing for their country.
  4. Paradox

    Squad for next season

    It's no surprise that young players are continually built up, then effectively bullied out of EEP by a moronic element of our own fans, but go on to better things elsewhere. Millen and Byrne are recent examples.
  5. Paradox

    Squad for next season

    Maybe the club need to consider the vision it has. At the moment, we have a very short-term approach, caused mainly be the financial restrictions we have. I'd like to see us focus on youth - a combination of our own players and loanees like Bruce Anderson - together with some more experienced older heads, but with a bit of quality. Someone like Scott McDonald as an example. We need to build a team that allows us to be sustainable, needing only a couple of tweaks every year, not have to completely overhaul every season.
  6. Paradox

    Wayne Hennessey

    Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was - FA panel - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47946382
  7. Paradox

    Wayne Hennessey

    Anybody actually believing this BS???
  8. Paradox

    Squad for next season

    Would hope that Scully would stay out of the out-of-contract players. Be good to keep Bruce Anderson, but doub it will happen. Will be an interesting window for sure. Hope Callum Davidson stays
  9. Paradox

    Kids V Bairns

    I hope Falkirk stay up. Would much rather Plastic Whistle and Alloa went down and the Wee Team came up. I liked the look of McCann when i saw him pre-season. Good to get him some first team experience, without putting pressure on.
  10. Paradox

    Hero worship of El Bakhtaoui

    Thought he was ok when he came on. What was evident on Friday was just how much a player like Michael Moffat brings to a team.
  11. Paradox

    Friday night football - good or bad

    It's terrible. Our record on a Friday is abysmal. Any time i see one of our games changed to a Friday, my heart sinks. Attendances are bound to be affected (Ayr fans will have had to take a half-day to travel through i would think?). Some which choose to watch the game at home, rather than go along, especially when the games are broadcast on English speaking channels. Bound to be less money spent on hospitality and over the bar imo. Fitba should be 3pm on a Saturday imo. Save other days for cup games.
  12. Paradox

    Female managers

    100% yes for me. Women's football in this country is at a higher level internationally, and continues to grow. Female pundits on TV are often coming across as more knowledgeable than their male counterparts IMO. Women who have actually achieved something in the game, as opposed to no-marks like Michael Stewart. Doubt it will ever happen. But it should. Some of the most influential figures in our game are female. Leann Dempster, Anne Budge. The late Margaret Ross also played a significant role at our Club, and the wider national footballing community.
  13. Paradox

    Domestic and International Football

    Pretty much the same as many others on here. No real connection with the national team. Don't even recognise half of the players tbh. Admittedly get a bit more interested when Scotland are on a good run, but don't even watch games on TV.
  14. Paradox

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    We'll bounce back, go on a wee run, and probably miss out on qualification by goal difference or something. Another portion of glorious failure to look forward to!
  15. Paradox

    Are Fans Criminalised?

    I witnessed Pars fans being kicked out of Tannadice for VAPING at the open-air section behind the stand at the play-off game last season. I'm not a smoker or a 'vaper', but to me, that is just one example of where clubs and their security policy are out of touch with society/reality, and are unnecessarily heavy-handed in how they deal with fans.