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  1. GEW35


    Very well said Digs. The beginning of the end of .net for me was the removing of posts and banning folk right left and centre who were only trying to let fans know what was going on at our club all those years ago. To my mind .net should’ve been shut down when we went into administration, though I appreciate that was probably easier said than done. The standing shoulder to shoulder with GM et al should not have gone unpunished. I’m really hoping for a new broom sweeping clean under our new owners in the very near future.
  2. GEW35

    Dunfermline v Partick Thistle

    I’m going for 2-1 Pars. First time back at EEP for me since lockdown, really can’t wait to be back. 2 sleeps...😊
  3. GEW35

    Morton v Pars

    Nothing is won or lost on the opening day I suppose! Wasn’t watching but disappointing not to hold onto a lead. At least we weren’t 4-0 up and cruising with only 20 minutes to play though....
  4. GEW35

    Morton v Pars

    I’ve not paid much attention to other clubs’ comings & goings in the close season so have no idea if Morton are in a better or worse position than last May. I don’t remember Cappielow as much of a happy hunting ground for us, apart from 30th April 2011! I’m hoping we start as we mean to go on - 3 points please Pars 😊
  5. GEW35

    League Cup (The) Rangers v Pars

    What a scunner of a draw, I’d hoped for a kinder tie tbh.
  6. GEW35

    Clubs New Owners - Update

    Cautiously optimistic at this news, Ross McArthur seems trustworthy to me so I’m happy if he and the board think this is a positive step for us. Steady progress is my hope, I’d like us to be comfortably competing in the top league eventually. Promotion and, more importantly, staying there would be just great. Oh, and an Adidas strip next season 😊
  7. GEW35

    New posters

    I joined up here ages ago and am now making a concerted effort to post more and also put the word out to other fans to support this forum. Unfortunately it’s just too easy for so many to look at .net, the majority seem moan plenty about it but carry on reading it anyway
  8. GEW35


    Am I correct in thinking that the same person who’s in charge of Pars TV and DAFC.net also runs the club’s official website? I know it’s way down the list of priorities but I’m always hopeful of a new Pars website, the existing one is so old fashioned and clunky (for want of a better word), not easy to navigate and actually puts me off looking at it - which should never be the aim of any website!
  9. GEW35

    Partick v Pars

    Was listening on the radio, most of the talk pre, during and post match was concentrated on the jags. Very pleased with the win, truth be told I’d have been happy with a draw at full time.