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  1. Buffy

    Betfred Cup Draw

    We’ve drawn Kilmarnock, Clyde, Dumbarton and Falkirk dates and times tbc
  2. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues & Kirsty McColl the worst Christmas song ever
  3. Buffy

    Championship 20/21 fixtures

    Full line up for opening day of the fixtures Saturday 17th October :
  4. Livvy are testing theirs tonight for that reason SP. Other clubs have tested theirs Seems to just be Hibs who are going solo on Saturday. What a wasted opportunity of extra income especially given the current circumstances in which we all find ourselves. (According to P&B on Twitter, Hibs are using the same server as Celtic and they had 30,000 logged in last week).
  5. Hibs in their wisdom have chosen their first game of the new season - this Saturday - as one only for their season ticket holders to view on the live stream. No PPV available for Killie fans nor Hibs non-season ticket holders. Bizarre that they’ve chosen to not reap the financial rewards of away fans - and their own walk up fans.
  6. Buffy

    Pars & Alloa Covid Partnership

    I spoke to the chairman of Kelty Hearts a week ago and he was unsure whether they could continue to share facilities with the Pars, given the limited space and so this is good news on that front. mon the wasps
  7. Buffy

    Transfers / signings

    Ash signs for Dundee on a 2 year contract https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/lee-is-a-dee/
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53405293For breaking the SPFL rules of taking a case to court Thistle have issued a joint statement after receiving a Notice of Complaint
  9. Buffy

    Transfers / signings

    Fae Kashmir to Kelty Fandabidozi!
  10. Buffy

    Transfers / signings

    Another Pars contract signed albeit this one went under the radar..... Yours truly 😊 signs for another season of live updates, baked buns and infinity cuddles (when safe to do so). Mon the Pars! 🏁
  11. Buffy

    Transfers / signings

    Welcome back Dom Thomas - 2 year deal! https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Dom_Thomas_moves_to_Dunfermline_is_permanent&ID=12478
  12. Buffy

    Transfers / signings

    Im awa back oot to the garden cos ma update speed has reduced mahoosively clearly Hoors
  13. Buffy

    Thank You, Scotland

    Lovely story GG x
  14. Getting a good write up on Twitter from United fans.