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  1. scottyboy

    Celtic v Pars

    Or face the wrath of Lennon 😂. Usually after European exploits, the teams performance take a dip. Let's just have a go at them.
  2. scottyboy

    Celtic v Pars

    Nae shame in getting beat by 3 or 4 goals. I think Celtic will do enough to win and rest some players for their Euro games. 3-1 Celtic
  3. scottyboy

    Fass signs!!!!

    Bad signing for them. Loads of ability, lack of desire as witnessed in a troublesome team that he played for last season.
  4. scottyboy

    QoS v Pars

    Home win, Fassail El Bak may play 😂
  5. scottyboy

    QoS v Pars

    Away win.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b4f05d Really insightful and enjoyable programme about when lino was king. On BBC4.
  7. scottyboy

    Pars V Dundee

    Could've been doing with VAR tonight.
  8. scottyboy

    Pars V Dundee

    Plus points for me tonight is we definitely can compete in this league and Dundee won't win the Championship. Negative point was a consistently incompetent referee.
  9. scottyboy

    Pars V Dundee

    We'll be good enough to compete. 2-1 home win.
  10. scottyboy

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round

    Listening to Kingdom FM on way home from work and they said both Fife clubs matches to be televised.
  11. scottyboy

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    Keep it in Methil for home advantage of progressing. Understand they would have been delighted if it had been at Govan. I reckon it'll be a tough tie for the new club.
  12. scottyboy

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round

    Cash will hopefully be enough to fund the squad further. Would have preferred a few more winnable Cup games before facing them.
  13. scottyboy

    Pars v East Kilbride

    Job done and into the next round. Hopefully a decent winnable match at EEP would do. Save the big guns till later 😂
  14. scottyboy

    Pars v East Kilbride

    2 - 0 to us in a tight game.
  15. scottyboy

    Edinburgh City (a)

    I think we'll be good enough to take the points of East Kilbride.