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  1. scottyboy

    Pars v Hamilton

    Didnae make the match today. Last minute change of plan. Was really hoping we'd bounce on after last week. Hoping we can raise a performance through the week against Kirkcaldy Rovers. Best bet would be to watch it from behind the couch. If a heavy defeat is in the post, then it looks like PG will be strapped into the ⚡ 🪑
  2. scottyboy

    Pars v Hamilton

    3-0 Pars. Let's show these bassas.
  3. scottyboy

    Stay of execution.

    We've had nae luck in the last few meetings with the Accies, especially in those Cup games. I'd love to see a crushing 3-0 victory against them.
  4. scottyboy

    Courier article on EEP

    https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/past-times/2544590/east-end-park-the-history-of-dunfermline-athletics-home-ground/ Great wee read.
  5. scottyboy

    Stay of execution.

    Was in the NW and not a bad word said. Couple of wins in the next few matches, then maybe get the reprieve phone call from the Chairman to be pardoned.
  6. scottyboy

    Stay of execution.

    First game back since the virus. Have to say I enjoyed the match. Players looked like they were fighting hard to save PG from the chop. Think the guy deserves a few more games to build and hopefully bring the season back to life. Was kinda expecting a back to the wall, park the bus type of performance. We certainly finished strong, even though ICT had their chances. Think we grew in confidence as the game went on. Had ICT scored first, maybe we might have imploded. I have went from thinking PG being a good fit, to get rid, to last chance, now give him another few more games. Fans were superb yesterday, never heard a grumble inside the ground. Happy to return to the next home game if they keep plugging away like that.
  7. scottyboy

    Pars v ICT

    Think he tried to become the President Of Lithuania (shades of Trump), but was perhaps deemed unfit. Sure he was Russian.
  8. scottyboy

    Pars v ICT

    Is Vladimir Romanov on the board now?
  9. scottyboy

    Pars v ICT

    Plenty fight in the team. Could have won it with a few chances near the end. ICT probably feel the same. Never seen,heard any protest. Decent game, with a bit entertainment. Apply ourselves like that most weeks, then points will be forthcoming.
  10. scottyboy

    No feud with Thomas but he's a lazy ****

    Also the STV interview was maybe PG way of trying to let the players know that its last chance saloon. I don't think he would've been looking for sympathy of the fans.(don't think he would get any) The board surely have said they need to see an improvement and fast. He maybe using a bit of the psychology, to try and get the result, that'll give him breathing space. The players have to dig him out and hopefully if we start off meaning business, the fans will play their part. If its the same old, then he's done for I'm afraid.
  11. scottyboy

    No feud with Thomas but he's a lazy ****

    Surely will play DT on Saturday. I reckon PG hoping to get a positive reaction out of him, if selected. It seems like a last roll of the dice. It could backfire, but might just get the whole squad up for it. If he doesn't play DT, then it's been a waste of time going public with the spat.
  12. scottyboy

    Pars v ICT

    Infact! I'm going for a 2-1 home win. Motivational talk before kick off "Let's show these b@stards"
  13. scottyboy

    No feud with Thomas but he's a lazy ****

    Maybe the tonic tae fire him up and start him on Saturday. DT reminds me of Kallum Higging what's his name? Sometimes fantastic, sometimes no.
  14. scottyboy

    New Manager

    Sounds to me like the board have given him a final chance to improve the performance. I really hope the player's dig him out of it. Would be delighted if he gets a result.
  15. scottyboy


    I'm assuming age took its toll.