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  1. scottyboy

    Kevin Nisbet signed

    If it had been anything like that figure, I'm sure the club would announce that they've just balanced the books. Bradford are a pretty skint club too.
  2. scottyboy

    Kevin Nisbet signed

    30 goals in 34 games is a fantastic return. Raiths loss, our gain hopefully. Obviously good in the air tae.
  3. scottyboy

    Jason Dair

    Think he means the state run site. Might be wrong though
  4. scottyboy

    Ewan Murray signed

    If a picture tells a story, then here is a no nonsense, hard as, take no prisoners 😂
  5. scottyboy

    Jason Dair

    Not sure, but a while.
  6. scottyboy

    Jason Dair

    Its best to not take notice of that site. (.Negative Net) It will drink your 🍸 half empty.
  7. scottyboy

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Apparently a very consistent performer his last two seasons. Just what we need. Be hopefully a good signing for us.
  8. scottyboy

    Belgium v Tartan Army

    Nae disgrace in the result. They better than us in every department, as I'm sure everyone knew.
  9. scottyboy

    Scotland v Cyprus

    When did Macedonia become North Macedonia 🇲🇰?
  10. scottyboy

    In The Summertime

    I'll look out for a Razzle 😂
  11. scottyboy

    Missing the

    Not missing it so far. Alternative Saturdays for a few months it is. Just have to work out what to do with it.
  12. I had the community message also on my phone. When I tried later it was fine.
  13. scottyboy

    In The Summertime

    Usually watching documentaries on serial killers on the crime channels. Wife's With Knifes is a good series (self defence) the usual defence. Any programme on WWII. No missing the football yet though.
  14. scottyboy

    Liverpool v Spurs

    Free to everyone on BT or YouTube channel. Picture keeps freezing. Get this back on the cooncil tele.
  15. scottyboy

    Kyle Turner Signs

    I mind the faither noo.