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  1. scottyboy

    Coventry City's Third Kit

    A bit more black and white ,like the Croatia top , then i might buy/wear one . Maybe
  2. scottyboy

    Coventry City's Third Kit

    Prefer it to oor tap
  3. scottyboy

    Stevie Crawford

    A home win, with a bit attacking football before end of November, otherwise the boards idea has failed for me.
  4. scottyboy

    Iconic album covers

    Think What's the story is a better album, but the ? was iconic covers.
  5. scottyboy

    Iconic album covers

  6. scottyboy

    CL - Love it or Loathe it?

    Only got cooncil TV 📺, so don't subscribe. Too expensive sports package for me
  7. scottyboy

    Pars v Alloa

    Don't think many keeper would have saved that. Was worth the admission fee. I nearly applauded the screamer, that was curling into the top corner, but thought against it. Goal of the season so far at EEP.
  8. scottyboy

    Perspective? Or Naivety?

    Many are delusional, expecting to win every home game and lose the plot when we don't. Had we not got the equaliser today, then I would have expected a lot of toxic abuse towards players and manager. I wouldn't give SC pelters as he was offered a job he probably didn't see coming so soon. If I'd been offered it, I would have taken it and made a kent of it. I really think the board should have went for someone making a name for themselves and promoting SC as his assistant to give him a bit more experience. (names on request)I actually enjoyed some bits of the game today. Losing disnae really bother me, as long as the effort and a bit entertainment is flung in. I reckoned after admin it would probably take 10 years to get back in the top flight. I would like to think we won't get relegated this season. Hope SC can find enough to get us mid table and get some of the good times back.
  9. scottyboy

    Pars v Alloa

    We were the slightly better team today, creating 3 good scoring chances to their one. Alloa looked as fit as us. Should be dominating these games at home, with more pressure in their goalmouth. An improvement from some of the games in terms of effort and coming back from going a goal down. Best chance missed at the start, which looked easier to score. I have no idea where we going to end up in the Championship this season. We are consistently inconsistent.
  10. scottyboy

    Pars v Alloa

    Got a lucky break with our goal. Definate handball. Should be winning, but looking like Alloa gonna hold out. Peach of a goal by them.
  11. scottyboy

    Pars v Alloa

    Thinking of going.
  12. scottyboy

    McCall to Partick confirmed

    He's a good manager, who obviously got the best out of his players at Ayr. Could probably got a bigger club than Partick, but it's definitely a step up for his CV. Think he'll transform them. Had Ayr well punching.
  13. scottyboy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    I have a feeling SC will try to stop the rot, so it'll probably be a tight affair. 0-0 the likeliest outcome. He needs a reaction from his players soon though. Hoping the entertainment doesn't go out the window.
  14. scottyboy

    Moving from EEP

    If we got a smaller stadium that could be used for concerts to bring in dosh for the club, then it wouldn't faze me. Maybe a running track for athletics and a piranha filled moat fir the derbies. Something that would get used more. Astro makes money, although it probably not what the players would want. Arsenal got a no bad move, but we're no them.
  15. scottyboy

    Pars V ICT

    That's what I don't understand about the performances after the Cup games. Last season when we won 5 on the bounce, he made us hard to beat, but were dull uninspiring victories, with not much between the teams. This season we had some great movement within the team and some entertainment to boot. The board appointed him to do the business on the park. He needs to try and find that early form soon, or its gonna be Goodnight Irene I'm afraid. Sacking managers regularly isn't something I would like to be happening for us. I think he needs another round of games to see if he can turn it around.