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  1. scottyboy

    Coll Donaldson

    Non plussed about who they release after last season.
  2. scottyboy

    POLL - early predictions on McPake

    If Carlsberg did Play Offs, we'd have a hangover. Just reminding your good self GG 😌
  3. scottyboy

    POLL - early predictions on McPake

    Same, but if he can shuffle a few out that were underwhelming last season, I'll go for top position.
  4. I would've had a stiffy, had we got a German 😆 Welcome to the city of Dunfermline Mr McPake. Wish you all the best of Scottish. Give us entertaining football and we'll all back you.
  5. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    My Uncle was a successful bookmaker. He always won.
  6. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    It's an attractive job for someone applying, with no other firm offers on the table. I'd imagine before an interview takes place, the candidates will have been informed what capacity they can work within, but as you say they could change their mind, or try to see if they could maybe ask for more to make it successful.
  7. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    Everybody that applies will want/take the job, whether they get to bring in their own backroom staff or not. Might not be the case if the club approaches someone else. Wages might be the big leveller on that one. It'll be a challenge, whoever does come in. We're in the 3rd division of Scottish fitba and getting back up will need someone who can work within our budget and have us up challenging. At this point in time, there is nothing to suggest we'll be favs to go back up. Be a tough division, where most teams will fancy their chances. Hopefully find out end of next week.
  8. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    I dinnae think it'll be any of them. I reckon they won't have interviewed most of the applicants yet. Hopefully they will speak to some that didn't make the list on here.
  9. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    Fantastic. Think of the season ticket money everyone will save 😆
  10. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    Does he have blonde hair with a different accent to us Fifers?
  11. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    I'm glad nobody on the board is my doctor 😆
  12. scottyboy

    Noble by name and Noble by Nature

    Ok. John Terry back in 😆
  13. scottyboy

    New Manager thread......

    I had Dodds down for the next managerial removal a few months back on here, as they were on a terrible run of form, slipping out the top 4. He fairly turned that around. ICT a more attractive job than ours just now, so can't see him wanting to take a step back. I think it's time to stay away from the usual Scottish merry-go-round of managers just now. I'm hoping most of EEP playing staff gets swept out shortly. Time to rebuild on whatever our budget allows.
  14. scottyboy

    Noble by name and Noble by Nature

    I looked up a list on Wikipedia for 1 club players, which doesn't include loan spells and were for services over 10 years. Top of the list in England for players being loyal (wait fir it) John Terry, Ryan Giggs. In Scotland, Billy McNeil, John Grieg, Willie Miller ,Maurice Malpas and Eddie Gray. Abroad Maldini. Edit - Terry out, in Jamie Carragher.
  15. scottyboy

    Yogi out

    He's gone noo. Confined to the annuls of DAFC management failures. Nae doubt tried his best, same as PG, but fell well short. Good luck to the guy in his future. A likeable character, but reckon his days of management in the top 2 tiers have probably gone.