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  1. Hi Vinnie, thanks for the reply. Not been out of work since I was 11 ...milk round up at half four before school, took on various other jobs and an apprenticeship finally settling into 30 years of hard graft in all of life’s wonders. The CV I have reads very well (explained to me by Mr Deadpool) and covers most areas and is adaptable to most jobs available ( albeit not brain surgery or prime minister ? ) I have two jobs in the pipeline both on the same wages I was on. But do I really want to do all that again ? A part time job would suit me perfectly I don’t want to be burnt oot and not enjoy life either. The point is there so much non sense involved in getting these jobs nowadays as apposed to many moons ago. I agree with the post scenario you mention, but an e mail costs nothing ! I never thought about your last sentence before you mentioned it. I really hope that is not the case I’m as normal as a normal thing from normal city. No better no worse than anyone else, I just want to be back out there doing something worthwhile, be it stacking shelves or whatever. Just want employers to cut the crap and acknowledge applications and experience coupled with loyalty and work ethics ! Thanks for all replies ?
  2. Cheers Rab....aye tried a couple in Edinburgh, however, I have specific “skills” ? which are not really what these agencies are looking for despite being able to do most of the jobs standing on my heed ! You seem to be a bit of a traveller in your employ, I could make your pieces and carry your work tools ? I can also lift heavy things ? gees a job ! I can do that ! ?
  3. Cheers shoogly, thought it was just me that was experiencing this nonsense. Hope your wife finds something very soon. Experience employers are missing out on tbh for the sake of cheap labour. Stupid online form filling and questions that mean nothing to the post applied for. Want to be a postman (not picking on postmen or women, goes for most jobs, unless you want to work for 5p an hour)...well fill out this form, pass the sift test, sit an online test, maybe we will think about an interview, if we do give you an interview it’s only part time employment anyway ...to post bloody letters through a door ? Never taking past experiences into the scenario until you possibly get a competency based interview ( what’s that all about ). “ can you tell me about a scenario when you posted a letter which shows you are a team member and the result of said posting showed leadership and resulted in you being bitten by a dug”. Think I’ll just embrace retirement ? Utter kheek min.
  4. Being in the very lucky position of being retired at a very young age I now find myself applying for jobs (as I,m bored oot my nut !). When I was a lad (ffs) it was simple to find a job, drive around all the places you wished to find employment and go straight in and ask the manager (gees a job) or send a CV and you were guaranteed a response by post or by telephone either positively or negatively, but at least they had the respect and manners to reply. Nowadays...whits it all aboot ? frowned upon attending work premises asking for a job. Apply online, spend quite a bit of time filling out online forms and sending them off.....and get absolutely no reply ! Getting very despondent at the way employers treat people, at least acknowledge that you received the application and a wee e-mail to say sod off or aye we are interested would be nice. Obviously just me being out of the employment game for 3 decades, things have changed, however, where has politeness gone ? And another thing..whats all this self employment thing about ? there's an awfy lot of them on Job sites or temporary jobs with no chance of being taken on permanently. It appears to me that employers want you to work for next to nothing and have no responsibility for tax or NI and are able to tell you to do one whenever they feel like it. Is this what its all about now? And one other thing since when did the job center stop having jobs on wee cards where you could browse the opportunities available ! whit a riddy I got nipping down there to be told everything's online noo ! I feel genuinely sorry for all the younger folk trying to seek work nowadays...or is it just me and i haven't kept up with the modern way. In any case ...its a crap state of affairs Rant over.
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