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  1. VOX


    Getting new kitchen fitted. Would like to give the previous oven which is only 3 years old, to someone who really needs one and struggling to afford a new one. This is free, however must be picked up. If you know someone or indeed you need it yourself please feel free to contact through this media. Perfect working order, I’ll even give it a bit of a clean even though I don’t do cleaning 😂.
  2. Get yer heed around this ! Never heard of this before 🤷‍♂️
  3. VOX

    Owen Coyle

    Good luck to Owen, hope he fairs better than Higgies short stint (although that was exceptional circumstances !) https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/sport/football/from-burnley-to-jamshedpur-fc-coach-owen-coyle-looks-for-another-turnaround/articleshow/77917745.cms
  4. Mr Sanguine , I scoff in your general direction sir. Your lack of musical taste is noteworthy and I will forever feel pity for you. Any “comedy” song. Ever. Even that super Mario lookalike, Dolce, can’t beat “Mr Blobby” by believe it or not Mr Blobby. What a travesty that was ! The Top of the Pop charts should of been burnt to the ground at that juncture, it was the beginning of the end of music as we know it. Nae wonder I drank heavily at the time in a desperate effort to block it all out. Complete beemer even thinking about it.
  5. Joe ‘Feckin” Dolce with shaddup you face. Was truly a devastating 1981, coming across here with his mock Italian accent and stealing our number one spot ! Still gutted to this day !
  6. VOX


    Been to games in Australia, China, Malta, Italy , Spain and just rocked up to the games and paid there and then with the exception of Melbourne Victory as had to buy at the stadium the day before. Games in Malta are the best value , all the games I’ve been to there’s always been two matches one after the other. Quite funny watching St Andrews Ultras (all four of them) packing up there banners and flags to be replaced some 5 mins later with another set of supporters. Never go for a pie at half time at a Valletta game , utter chaos min ! 🥧🥤
  7. VOX


    Also in Malaysia ! ?
  8. VOX


    My son flying the colours on the Great Wall of China ?