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  1. SanguinePar

    Declan Rice

    Completely agree. In fact I'd go further and have it that when you sign your first senior contract you declare which country you belong to, and that's it. If you think you might be good enough for a top side, or England, say so then, but no going back later.
  2. SanguinePar

    HRH Prince Phillip

    Called it ...oh, and also he's a member of the Royal Family, but that clearly has nothing to do with it.
  3. SanguinePar

    Pars Season

    Is that a joke?
  4. SanguinePar

    More football tragedy

    Jesus. That's awful :-(
  5. SanguinePar

    New member of coaching team

    Spine of a team, right there.
  6. SanguinePar

    Sol Bamba

    https://streamable.com/s4n7j Scores for Cardiff, runs to the sidelines, pushes a steward out of the way (a bit), and is mobbed by the fans. Legend :-)
  7. SanguinePar

    Suspensions for Red Cards

    For those, like me, who hadn't seen the incident: https://streamable.com/931td
  8. SanguinePar

    What is it about Liverpool?

    No, that's neither what I said nor what I'm saying. I'm saying they are not responsible. Otherwise, by your logic, those people inside who died at the front are also 'partially responsible' simply by dint of being there - had they not been there at all, they couldn't have died, could they? Responsibility for what happened that day lies solely with the police and match organisers, not the fans. And I'm still trying to understand how you extrapolate from the actions of some fans to responsibility for all of them, even years later.
  9. SanguinePar

    Are Liverpool about to chuck it away?

    I think Liverpool were in a bit of a false position when they were 8 clear, tbh. From what I've seen of them this year they aren't as good as they were last year. Better defensively (on the whole) but weaker in attack and less able to sweep opponents aside or break down stubborn defences (that Leicester game being a good example - Liverpool just couldn't get through those solid blue lines at all) They've had a bad couple of weeks, but I do think they'll bounce back. Plus, having played City twice and taken only 1 point, to be 3 ahead is still pretty good. They can't afford many more slips though. I could see Spurs coming back into it a bit too, although I don't think they'll win the league.
  10. SanguinePar

    What is it about Liverpool?

    Because no fans of other clubs ever fight among themselves nor turn up without tickets. That's never happened to anyone else, so having a go at Liverpool specifically makes total sense here.
  11. SanguinePar

    What is it about Liverpool?

    Ok, so I've read your report, and I'm not seeing anything which justifies your statement that "[Liverpool fans] were partially responsible for Hillsborough" Fans turning up without tickets are in no way responsible for the dangerous facilities and police incompetence that killed 96 people. Your own report makes it clear that had the police been organised enough to check tickets further away (an extremely obvious and expectable approach) the problem at the ground would not have existed: And even if you could make a case that there was responsibility it wouldn't explain why you "feel this way about Liverpool fans” At most you could feel that way about those specific fans who turned up without tickets, but to generalise that to other fans, especially the many thousands who weren't even born then is ridiculous. The irony that you include this line is amazing:
  12. SanguinePar

    Ross County at home

    All fallen apart. Great first half, nightmare second. That crazy offside goal was the turning point IMO.
  13. SanguinePar

    Ross County at home

    F**k that linesman. F**k him. C**t.
  14. SanguinePar

    Ross County at home

    Great performance so far, especially this guy:
  15. SanguinePar

    Ross County at home

    So close! Dunfermline Athletic v Ross County 40 Ryan Scully 2 Ryan Williamson 6 Lee Ashcroft (c) 14 Danny Devine 3 Jackson Longridge 7 Kallum Higginbotham 19 James Vincent 17 Joe Thomson 28 James Craigen 12 Bruce Anderson 18 Faissal El Bakhtaoui