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  1. SanguinePar

    Celtic v Pars

    Plus, he's excellent as Jonas in Dark...
  2. SanguinePar

    Celtic v Pars

    2-1 Celtic :-(
  3. SanguinePar

    Celtic v Pars

    Fingers crossed they're all on a downer from tonight's hilarious result :-)
  4. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    Even then though, didn't they say that it was because he was involved in the clearance (or something like that)? In other words, if he hadn't been involved, then they wouldn't have retaken it, even though that's literally the rule?
  5. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    The law was fine. Football was fine. VAR is now causing laws to be changed, and games to be delayed in getting underway. Is this really what we want?
  6. SanguinePar

    Celtic v Pars

    Spot on. Screw probability, logic and all likelihood, let's go and win this match!
  7. SanguinePar

    QoS v Pars

    Highlights are up. Looks like we should have been out of sight before half-time, but we're then lucky to get a point in the end.
  8. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    Indirectly I think it is VAR's fault as the recent change to these crazy new handball rules happened as a result of having VAR and otherwise innocuous incidents suddenly being under even more (and now official) scrutiny. Incidentally, I was reading elsewhere, that that handball which caused a goal to be ruled out, not only wouldn't have been a handball elsewhere on the pitch, but also wouldn't have been a penalty had exactly the same thing happened with a defending player. So we now have different rules for the same 'offence' depending on where it was and who it was. WTF...
  9. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    Or this utter nonsense from yesterday. That's never a handball. VARGTF
  10. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    The very fact that play couldn't start despite everyone in the ground being ready to go was the farce. It's just not acceptable for the game to be so beholden to this thing. What if the comms had gone down midgame? Would they have stopped play until the headsets were working again?
  11. SanguinePar

    VAR in the Premier League

    Apart from that utter farce at the start of the second half you mean?
  12. SanguinePar

    QoS v Pars

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Fingers crossed he's ok. An away point doesn't seem a bad result tbh, but having led it's definitely a bit disappointing. Glad to hear that Coley came on, would prefer him as the starter there, so hopefully he's back next week.
  13. SanguinePar

    QoS v Pars

    FT, 1-1 Sounded like Murray got a bad injury towards the end?
  14. SanguinePar

    Abertay Uni

    I would also say halls, but it's worth noting that it can also be a pretty lonely place depending on how introverted/extroverted you are. I was pretty lonely there (not Abertay, but I imagine the experience is at least similar) for a while, until I started getting involved in a few things and making friends. Was good after that though.
  15. SanguinePar

    The Ashes

    Incredible, having been 122-8 at one point.