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  1. SanguinePar

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Fair enough. Have you seen a better angle than that? It looks 50:50 from that one IMO.
  2. SanguinePar

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Fair enough. Have you seen a better angle than that? It looks 50:50 from that one IMO.
  3. SanguinePar

    Caroline Weir and the Royal Bengal

    Penalty was ridiculous, yet probably right in this bright new era of VAR. Amazed England didn't get a second one later, less so that Scotland didn't get one for a pull on the shoulder when Weir swung that freekick in. Second goal was amateurish defending from the Scots. Ample opportunity to clear and they made an utter a**e of it. FFS.
  4. SanguinePar

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Watching it back just now on YouTube, and I'm not sure. Do you mean it deflects off the first defender's foot? Or the second one's chest? I'd say it definitely doesn't hit the chest, but possibly the foot. Hard to tell as the second defender blocks the angle at the key moment. https://youtu.be/T4spRGDHMxk
  5. SanguinePar

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Was it? I didn't know that, only seen it from one angle.
  6. Women’s World Cup: Caroline Weir takes inspiration from takeaway art https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/08/caroline-weir-scotland-womens-world-cup-indian-takeaway-mural Didn't realise we had a Dunfermline woman playing today, that's great. Mon the Scots!
  7. SanguinePar

    In The Summertime

    And imagine my relief. Hate that song ;-) To answer the OP, I'm working at the Cricket World Cup, which is frankly brilliant. Long days, long drives and very later nights, but great atmosphere and getting to see a fair bit of good cricket. Loving the Bangladesh fans especially, they are fanatical.
  8. SanguinePar

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Looks like we got out of jail a bit tonight, good work by Burke to be alert enough to pop in the rebound. Some goal from Robertson. Dread to think what Russia and Belgium will do to us though.
  9. SanguinePar

    Liverpool v Spurs

    I mean, how could you not? :-) Unfortunately I missed most of the game as was driving, and then only saw the last 20 minutes on my phone in ultra low res. But still, delighted for Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp, well deserved (if not so on the night from what I've heard). Some season.
  10. SanguinePar

    Season Tickets

    Still not got mine and Sanguine Junior's,so that's 2 more T least!
  11. SanguinePar


    Comedy own goal by Charlton to open proceedings as well, worth looking out.
  12. SanguinePar

    How do you lose a penalty shootout 2-0?

    Yep, I saw that. Made up my mind for me about who I wanted to win :-)
  13. SanguinePar

    How do you lose a penalty shootout 2-0?

    And to cap a bad day, they also had their Twitter account hacked It's not in the article, but apparently one of the tweets was, "Sorry about that guys, our Twitter account was hacked, but still f*** the pope" Not that I approve of the sentiment at all, but that's hilarious :-)
  14. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
  15. SanguinePar

    New Kit Design

    I mean, yeah. That strip would just look stupid if it didn't have red numbers.