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  1. SanguinePar


    I can't remember the last time I felt so utterly hopeless about the future of our country. We are well and truly f**ked if this exit poll is right. Goodbye NHS. Goodbye BBC. Goodbye workers' rights. Goodbye climate science. Goodbye support for the needy. Goodbye Europe. Goodbye peace in Northern Ireland. Goodbye rights for minoroties. Goodbye hope for a decent society. Goodbye and goodnight.
  2. SanguinePar


    This is fair, he's a c**t.
  3. SanguinePar


    "Get Brexit done" isn't a plan, it's as meaningless as Brexit means Brexit. It's designed for a mob to chant and to look good on a hat. Even where BJ tells us more details of his 'plan', he then openly and repeatedly contradicts parts of it, especially in regard to Northern Ireland and goods checks. If he had a clear plan he wouldn't refuse to do an interview with Andrew Neill (not to mention Susannah and Piers). Come on Uxbridge and South Ruislip, toss this craven, mercenary ba**ard out on his a**e!
  4. SanguinePar


    What do we all think then? What's going to happen? My head says a BJ majority of 40ish, but in my heart I'm clinging to hope that he may yet fall short. I've been looking at a lot of polls and while the Tories lead Labour in them all, one thing that I've noticed is that when compared with the 2017 result the Tories are polling at basically the same level, up a little here, down a little there, but not a great deal of change. Labour are generally down 7-10% on the 2017 - however if the Tories aren't gaining, then it's possible that there's a lot of very conscious tactical voting planned - and if that's the case, could it be that the Tories get a bloody nose? If enough people are smart, it should be possible for Lab voters to go LD or SNP, and all the other combinations and take out a few otherwise safe Tories. Including our esteemed PM. I can't think of a more satisfying morning than finding out that he's lost his own seat. Please Santa.
  5. SanguinePar

    Pars v Morton

    2-1 😞
  6. SanguinePar

    v Ayr (away)

    F%’√ing YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! Great result! And we're up to 4th!
  7. SanguinePar

    v Partick (h)

    Just watched those back. What the hell was Partick's no17 doing for our 4th goal? He seemed to deliberately get out of the way to give Nisbet a clear shot. Bizarre.
  8. SanguinePar

    v Partick (h)

    Highlights now up:
  9. SanguinePar

    v Partick (h)

    I dunno, it was beautifully struck, great free kick. Maybe Gill's positioning could have been a bit better, but it looked pretty unstoppable to me. Fun side note about today - for some reason, among the Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, et Al updates, the Guardian's matchday blog also kept talking about our game! Some screenshots:
  10. SanguinePar

    v Partick (h)

    Miles out! πŸ™‚
  11. SanguinePar

    Falkirks McKinnon Sacked

    Yeah, I was thinking that. Yesterday may have put the D on Ole.
  12. SanguinePar

    Falkirks McKinnon Sacked

    Maybe they'll go for Pochettino?
  13. SanguinePar

    Queen's Park to go professional

    True, but at least there's a chance. Whereas, as amateurs, they don't get anything from selling players on (although I think some clubs may have given them voluntary compensation as a mark of goodwill). What's changed is the possibility of relegation out of the league altogether and the potential for financial disaster as a result.
  14. SanguinePar

    Charity Draw

    Done πŸ™‚