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  1. SanguinePar

    Stewart Petrie

    Such a rollercoaster already under Craw: LLDLWWWWWLLDLLL 15 games, 1 in the Cup, 14 in the league. 17 points from a possible 42. Saved us from any real fear of relegation and made a playoff chance feasible again only for it all to fall apart spectacularly. Very odd. As I've said before, Crawford deserves a chance to get a preseason under his belt and start a campaign with a team he has moulded. That said another win or two before the end of the season wouldn't go amiss.
  2. SanguinePar


    True, but hard cases make bad law. I think the "all levels of the game" argument is actually pretty solid, although it's a position under attack in this heightened age of the hyper rich super clubs. I'm old fashioned enough though, to still believe in an egalitarian view of the game where everyone is playing by the same rules. Sadly, that's increasingly not the case.
  3. SanguinePar


    Good question. My guess is that they wouldn't check it because it didn't directly result in a goal, and so a corner would be awarded. Now, if the attacking team scored from that corner... awkward...
  4. SanguinePar


    Good question, I'm not sure. Even if so, though, the first one wouldn't be reviewed.
  5. SanguinePar


    That's not the inconsistencies I mean, Vinnie. What I mean is that at the moment VAR is restricted to use in specific situations, like goals, red cards, etc. However, this means that there are numerous, 'lesser' situations which are not covered - but these could be as significant to a match as the ones currently chosen. For example two dodgy yellow cards wouldn't be challenged, but one dodgy red would. An offside leading to a goal would be challenged, but an incorrect offside leading to turnover in possession (and then perhaps a goal) wouldn't. It won't be long til a truly egregious decision which is not covered by VAR results in a miscarriage of (footballing) justice. And so pressure will build to expand VAR's remit further. And further. It could be chaos if they start having to call back every wrong call (or explain why they didn't).
  6. SanguinePar

    McLeish to be sacked as Scotland Manager

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Alex. Maybe Birmingham need someone again?
  7. SanguinePar

    McLeish to be sacked as Scotland Manager

    Yep, on BBC too: Scotland: Alex McLeish exits as head coach after poor start to Euro 2020 qualifying - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47767790
  8. SanguinePar


    Hard no from me. It causes more problems than it solves and creates glaring inconsistencies. Plus it still doesn't even always get the decisions right.
  9. SanguinePar

    Congratulations to Arbroath

    They have, although they've kind of stuttered over the line recently. Job done though.
  10. SanguinePar

    Congratulations to Arbroath

    Champions of League 1 today with a draw at Brechin, while their closest challengers Raith Rovers threw away a 2 goal lead to lose 3-2 with a last minute winner from Stranraer :-) Quite liked Gayfield the only time I've been there, and (assuming we don't completely throw away the last few weeks of the season) look forward to going up there next year.
  11. SanguinePar

    Well, that was terrible

    We were much the better side, and given how utterly god awful we were that tells you everything about Falkirk. Today was comically bad from both sides. Hilariously so, in fact, until Falkirk scored. Just dreadful football all round.
  12. SanguinePar

    Well, that was terrible

    Nah, I don't think so. He deserves a chance to get them over a summer, shape the team his own way, make some changes to personnel, etc.
  13. SanguinePar

    Who wants to see Falkirk relegated?

    F**k Falkirk. Hope they plummet.
  14. SanguinePar

    Football player driven too far

    I believe his main defense was, "If you give it out, you have to be prepared to take it back". It didn't work.