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  1. gjs93

    Paul Watson

    @rosythpar hmmm, who is this then?
  2. gjs93

    Paul Watson

    the holiday rumour doesnt account for missing the Raith and QOS games before the break so there will be more to it than just that, its another stick to beat Grant with for most though even though they have no idea what has actually happened. agree with all of that apart from on Connolly for now.
  3. gjs93

    Pars v Killie

    certainly deserved the point if not all 3 but we can play a hell of a lot better at both ends of the park. on Paul Allan, the only surprise is he hasnt been given more game time since the cup games cause the lad has something about him. maybe they think its Dorrans or him but the two together could work imo. a mention for Pybus though for the shift he put in from what Grant said in his interview about being ill and throwing up on the park a few times! Partick next week, will be a different game from the cup in July that is for sure, another delay to the inevitable or the end, hmmm.
  4. gjs93

    Pars v Killie

    an early Killie goal followed by a worsening performance and increase of frustration/abuse before a second Killie goal with 10-15mins to go to finish it off......its going to be one of those games.
  5. gjs93

    Peter Grant Courier interview

    https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Play_off_place_still_a_live_target&ID=13374 official site version
  6. gjs93

    New Manager

    @Stanza yes that is accurate think it was £1000 per appeal but also no guarantee of when it would be heard and even if approved how long it would take to actually be completed, could have been a week or a month or longer. at the moment i can see the appeal process remaining in place with no agreement reached.
  7. gjs93

    New Manager

    the rules are a lot easier on coaches/managers than it is for players so shouldnt be a problem if they choose that route. "but to sign them they have to be capped at international level" they didnt and whoever they were getting that info from was wrong as a couple of signings in the top flight have shown. as for the rules changing, im surprised it hasnt been agreed yet what it will be up here with 2 months to go till the winter window.
  8. gjs93

    Board statement

    there were so many different comments or rumours that putting them together, even the ones that are true, still dont really add up. guess it doesnt matter now and Grant will be in charge next Saturday unless there is a massive change of thinking from either him or Meggle going by his quotes.
  9. gjs93

    Board statement

    "no one is bigger than the club" is stuck in my head the now. doesnt matter how but he has to go before next weekend.
  10. gjs93

    Board statement

    "Peter Grant is almost incidental now. I think Ross will go." just pulling that out cause its the last time he is mentioned i think, i wonder what Grant thinks of what is happening and has happened the last few days.
  11. gjs93

    New Protest

    i cant say ive heard what this might be but it doesnt sound good 🤔
  12. gjs93

    New Manager

    hmmm 🤔
  13. gjs93

    Board statement

    its general comments he makes, he can give his opinion as part of his job but that doesnt mean Grant has to take them on board or is basically a puppet with Meggle pulling his strings. i dont see that at all in any of the comments. the last bit isnt a quote and reading the 3 different sections, there is a difference in how the top and bottom are written to Meggle's quotes in the middle section imo.
  14. gjs93

    New Manager

    think he would have known in the talks on Sunday what the plan was and that wasnt to sack him. if he wants out it is in his own hands. thats the thing with football managers, there are only so many jobs to go around, yesterday wont have changed a thing. dont see where Meggle is taking credit for anything either, again if Grant wants out now, its in his own hands,
  15. gjs93

    Board statement

    "And if they decide to cut their losses and leave, who is there to save us this time?" i wouldnt blame them if they did right now.