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  1. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    These fan events that have been put on previously I think are good occasions to bring this kind of stuff up. Ask them outright whether players were being axed by text and if so, the rationale behind it, could well have been agreed up front, boys are abroad or whatever. Ofcourse there are two sides to every story (three I suppose if you count here/.net….) and I haven’t heard of either of them so I’m not going to jump to conclusions based on some chat on a football forum. I agree with Raymie it really is amateur hour with the leaking of info and the race to make it known on a forum for the club to be further scrutinised, child’s play. If it’s true and there’s no solid justification for it then clearly it’s wrong and behaviour like that won’t change unless it’s challenged but really should be brought up through a more formal channel, this not where the SLO could come in? I’m just fed up of what feels like people always looking to find reasons to slate our club rather than get behind it. This, the hiring of McPake, the hissy fits over Coll Donaldson and us not signing him….letting Pybus go, that’s four already and we haven’t played a game yet. Going to be a long bloody season.
  2. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    There will be a lot more away I imagine. There’s no place for sentiment, this squad got us relegated and with a new manager coming in, it’s quite right that we see an overhaul and McPake gets the opportunity to put his stamp on the club, he’ll know the pressure that will be on him from the off so he’ll want to do this his way with the players he wants and fully back that approach. Thomas clearly has a chip on his shoulder, Donaldson was a loan and Pybus we had the option of extending, was never a guarantee so I’m not overly bothered at any of them, but the text thing is cruel if true.
  3. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    I’m not surprised he’s been released but if that is the manner in which it’s been done then the club is really not doing itself any favours. Poor poor show, face to face or at least a telephone call. Look at the likes of Southgate when he omits players from the National side, there’s a classer way of doing it.
  4. Berry

    Coll Donaldson

    What makes you think Coll would entertain moving to us on a permanent basis? He might not have been interested, sure he played well but hardly believe he will have enjoyed his time here. Not convinced the process of getting rid of Hughes and bringing McPake was that slow either. This is where I have a little (I stress a little) bit of sympathy with the board, they will never win, they are either too fast or too slow. I really liked Coll but we’re in League One, he’s now a League One player, he’s replaceable.
  5. Berry


    Don’t think inviting Rosyth in the first place was thinking about us benefiting from it was it? I thought it was more a community thing, good to have a development site that was local that could help both.
  6. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    I’m trying to just put a different spin on it, and it’s all hypothetical given I don’t know for sure his contract situation or what will happen with Dorrans. Assuming the option of another year is on the club, we have Chalmers and Dorrans already signed up for next season, do we really need three midfielders that essentially can do the same job. I’d rather have somebody with legs and more attacking threat and goals in them. If Dorrans was to get his contract mutually terminated or move to FT coach then I’d see the case for keeping Pybus and then having another vacancy to fill with that attack minded midfielder. Add to it as well, McPake will have a plan in his head and the type of players he wants, Pybus might just not fit the bill for what he’s looking for taking into consideration what he’ll already have at the club this season. Its just the way the contractuals land, out of Chalmers, Pybus and Dorrans, I’d take Pybus most days of the week.
  7. Berry

    Let the fans pick the manager.......

    Imagine the other way round if fans were to decide when the manager is to be given the boot….
  8. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    If Pybus isn’t contracted with us I’ve changed my mind already, I think if we have Chalmers and Dorrans we would have three players that can play essentially the defensive midfield role if needed so regretfully I wouldn’t offer Pybus a contract and go for someone a bit more on the front foot. Shame I’d have Pybus over Chalmers.
  9. Berry

    Squad For Next Season

    Following the same format as Grant: Goalkeepers Mehmet Vacancy 1 Mehmet had a pretty horrible start with the club but not convinced he’s a bad keeper and can do a job for us in League One. Right Backs Comrie MacDonald Todd This is the position I’m struggling with the most and would argue to keep the three of them. Todd is a definite, played really well and bedding in our youth is our strategy. MacDonald in League One, with his crossing ability when he’s on form, can really cause some opposition problems. Comrie, not as attack minded as the other two but solid, dependable and experienced, was always first name on the team sheet for me season before last. So whilst it won’t happen, that’s what I’d do. Left Backs Edwards Fenton I’m not as sold on Edwards to be honest season before last thought he was excellent but last season patchy. I know very little about Fenton but believe he has a bit of promise and if we’re going for developing our youth then he should be back-up. Would be tempted to have Vacancy 2 here but with Edwards contracted think will stick. Centre Backs Vacancy 2 Vacancy 3 Vacancy 4 I’m not a fan of Breen and Martin I think will fall into the same trap as Williamson and not be as he was pre injury. Agree with Saline that Breen would be 3rd/4th choice for me. Wingers I like Dow, but if you were to decide purely on last season we wouldn’t offer him a contract, and I’m going to stick with that. Vacancy 5 Vacancy 6 Midfield Pybus (offer contract) Chalmers Dorrans Allan Vacancy 7 Pybus proved a lot of people wrong for me and done well. Chalmers will be ok and think Allan should be on the bench. I think Dorrans on a 2yr deal was a bit of a mistake now we are where we are, in this division good opportunity to bring someone else in and he can start his coaching and chip in and play when needed. Forward O’Hara Todorov Wighton McCann I’d keep them all if we could but keeping them all happy would be difficult. McCann will continue to play more again with the youth factor. O’Hara should bang in the goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if we let Todorov and Wighton go though. Both not getting much of a look in last season so a Vacancy 8 potentially
  10. McPake wasn’t someone I seriously considered but like every new manager, willing to give him a chance and wish him all the best. We’re not a big draw as a club right now, and looking at all the alternative managers out there I don’t think McPake is miles better or worse than anyone else we could’ve realistically got and I think in League One he has the opportunity to lay the foundations and have a good go of it. New manager, fresh ideas and new players, I’m all for that. I’m just grateful managers want to come here, a portion of our fans have little patience are toxic at times and can’t handle adversity. Despite what you think of Yogi for example, some of the trash I’ve seen posted about him on social media is just uncalled for and embarrassing. Like him or loathe him, he tried his best and is a human being ffs. Had enough negativity throughout last season to not want to suffer any more before next seasons even started. Back the club, back McPake and let’s get out of League One and leave all the pessimism and negativity behind.
  11. Berry

    Yogi out

    I agree with Grant on this one. Very rarely do we see managers these days last more than a couple of seasons so to bring in someone who is young with potential and ambition requires two things, one for us to be patient and accept that he may need time which let’s just accept we don’t allow to happen. Secondly for the manager to be loyal to the club to stick around and not jump at the first opportunity that comes his way if he’s doing well, also not going to happen and a club like ours at the moment, if you want best for the manager you’d probably want him to move on. So as Grant says, just go for the best manager who can get us promoted next season, if that happens to be the young and ambitious person then great, but let’s not rule out the experienced coaches. If its McPake who I think is who is being alluded to, then so be it, not my personal choice, he got Dundee promoted and was always going to be a struggle keeping them up so he could well do the job for us in League One.
  12. Berry

    Yogi out

    Does he prefer red sauce or brown?
  13. Berry

    Yogi out

    You can’t ask that question in Guess Who mate, surely open to interpretation. I’ll go with, does he have glasses? 😊
  14. Berry

    Yogi out

    I was being a tad sarcastic with that when you referenced the bookies. I get that some folk on here have sources and will know stuff not out in the public domain yet, just don’t see the point of mentioning it, always feels like when folk do that they’re blowing their own trumpet. Its actually quite poor form, all these sources that is that leak this information out, you could say that is more damaging to the club. It was only on Thursday this was in David Cooks article. ‘Our search for a new manager is well underway and we will commence interviews with preferred candidates shortly.‘ Wording suggests interviews hadn’t started, I have no doubt they would have acted fast and done a lot of interviews over the last couple of days but in such a short period of time, you have found out who the manager is going to be (fact as you say) and on top of that you have details of a number of the people that were rejected who were interviewed. There’s bound to be confidentiality surrounding this process so whoever these sources are that can’t haud it in need a serious talking to.
  15. Berry

    Yogi out

    Just don’t see the point of posting the I know but not going to tell you nonsense, childs play. GG at least reveals what he’s been told regardless if true or not. No-one should really take anything on football forums as gospel anyway. I also don’t see the problem of GG apologising either, I would’ve considered that the right thing to do under those circumstances if he got something wrong. He also really isn’t an attention seeker or narcissist, think that was unprovoked and unnecessary.