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  1. Fu_Manchu

    I thought you were dead

    Well funded @Piracy
  2. Fu_Manchu

    I thought you were dead

    Looks like all my praying worked.
  3. Fu_Manchu

    Anybody mind this game?

    That was Bobby Ford who scored the first ever goal in the new fangled premier league in the mid 70s (for Dundee). Remember the game well @scottyboy
  4. Fu_Manchu

    McCall to Partick confirmed

    McCall is a ****.
  5. Fu_Manchu

    Fass signs!!!!

    We had our chance to have the same dream forward line as last season with Fass and Hippolyte. Tbh I was astonished that Yeovil signed Hippolyte whom @Digs highly rated.
  6. Fu_Manchu

    Fu Manchu

  7. Fu_Manchu


    Get S****horpe sorted ya fannies!
  8. Fu_Manchu


    Ah well. I see you have sorted out the swear filter issue for Dickson. Arsenal S****horpe
  9. Fu_Manchu


    Andy D*ckson not Andy Dickson...
  10. Fu_Manchu


    Why the **** is Thomson, ****son?
  11. Fu_Manchu


    Back row: Mercer, Rolland, Robertson, Borthwick, Whyte, Salton, Donnelly, Leonard Front row: Mullin, Thomson, Dunn, Hegarty, ****son, Scott