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  1. Fu_Manchu

    McCall to Partick confirmed

    McCall is a ****.
  2. Fu_Manchu

    Fass signs!!!!

    We had our chance to have the same dream forward line as last season with Fass and Hippolyte. Tbh I was astonished that Yeovil signed Hippolyte whom @Digs highly rated.
  3. Fu_Manchu


    Sensible move imo. If he has another season like last then he will move on to a higher level, leaving both him and Dundee United quids in.
  4. Fu_Manchu

    Championship League Table Predictor

    1. Partick Thistle 2. Dundee United 3. Dundee 4. Inverness 5. Dunfermline 6. Arbroath 7. Ayr United 8. Queen of the South 9. Morton 10. Alloa
  5. Fu_Manchu

    friendly v Hibs

    £15? They can ram it!
  6. Fu_Manchu

    Qatar in the Copa America

    I look forward to the Pars playing in the ÖFB Cup.
  7. Fu_Manchu


    Hopefully it won't be a Willo Flood scenario for him.
  8. Fu_Manchu

    Players put through their paces today

    Early? No earlier than of recent. Only four weeks till the first Betfred cup game.
  9. Fu_Manchu

    Kevin Nisbet signed

    Did you read that on daftnet ya daft ****?
  10. Fu_Manchu

    In The Summertime

    *Strips down to thong*
  11. Fu_Manchu

    In The Summertime

    It hasn't been discussed but I am sure he wouldn't be adverse to the nudity.
  12. Fu_Manchu

    In The Summertime

    Indeed she was. I posted a photo of her in the bare naked scud on Pusbook. Pusbook immediately warned me it was a bit naughty to do that and it could only be seen by me. Tried to post it again about half an hour later and they banned me for 24 hours. Funny thing was @DougieDave posted the same photo on the same thread and got away with it FFS!
  13. Fu_Manchu

    In The Summertime

    Restocking my hedge with noodie books. Plan to have @DougieDave at the grand reopening as Olive from On The Buses is reluctant to get her kit off these days.
  14. It was awol this morning.
  15. Fu_Manchu

    Happy birthday

    Still working on world domination @average white par