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  1. I would re-watch that game to see if my recollections are right. My memory of it was that we were the better team and got sucker-punched? Wouldnt have said it was a classic right enough, but it should be called the "Neil Lennon is a Cart-horse" Final.
  2. Before he got good, then great, and then legendary
  3. Ok... good... was starting to think being cooped up was sending me a little do-lally 😳😳
  4. Not at all... and to be fair, at the time I read though all the Facebook post thing, Id forgotten that GG mentioned this fella was based in the States. The point was that people post articles from blogs on Facebook, which tend to be one sided and misleading, and therefore unreliable. Usually there is a something in them that suggests their sources are dubious - something that is minorly inconsistent makes you doubt what youre reading
  5. An excellent game. Similarly, Ive seen a few English clubs are showing full games via their YouTube channels, as are the SFA for Scotland games. BBC are showing a range of England games. For those interested in the American Football, NFL channel on YouTube is showing full "classic games" without the copntant ad breaks for time outs or in between turnovers and the like.
  6. I said interesting rather than enjoyable, and whilst I think there may be some fact there, is this useful information? For example...... Its originally in Italian, but under note seven about Vaccines, he says here in the US? Now I know that the US has a large Italian community and that he could have family in Italy that he writes to in Italian, but it would seem like the sort of inconsistency that tends to appear in fake news posts?
  7. This fella talks of posting and sharing bad information as wrong, then posts to Facebook? 😲 An interesting read nontheless
  8. I have absolutely no clue what hes on about?
  9. Vinnie

    Support the Pars Lifeline

    Can the club use this? Im sure I read somewhere that the club is made up of collection of legal entities? Would one be able to claim? CORONAVIRUS_Fund___Application_Form.docx
  10. Vinnie

    Support the Pars Lifeline

    Mightily impressive. Sterling work.
  11. Vinnie

    Working From Home

    Used my lunch break to go for a run. I wouldnt say it was "nice" but I do feel a little better for it. Im avoiding social media where possible though. Folk complaining about folk out running, that its a selfish activity, or about cyclists, or dog walkers... Some folk arent happy unless theyre grumbling.
  12. Vinnie

    Working From Home

    Working from home has been a lot tougher than I expected. My wife is self employed and has had to temporarily close her business, so she is at a loose end and bored, and has been a distraction. I left the house today to walk to Morrisons for some fresh air. They now have queues at the door amd only let limited numbers into the building. I was away for longer than my lunch hour - I almost felt like I was gonna get caught like smoking behind bikesheds at school. That helped to break up today though. Need to think of something different for tomorrow.
  13. Vinnie

    Diego Maradona - C4 Film Documentary

    Didnt watch it, but have it recorded. Will pass away some hours over the next couple of days.
  14. Vinnie

    Working From Home

    Im currently using my own personal laptop for work. Making do of a bad situation. Not ideal. Im told a Works laptop will be making its way to me at some point, although laptops seem to be as elusive as bog paper and pasta just now.