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  1. Vinnie

    Celtic v Pars

    If Cluj can win, Pars can too?
  2. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    Because its not universal. Some leagues use it, some dont, those that use it are using it in different ways. My issue with VAR is that laws of the game should apply at every level.
  3. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    The wee technical issue at half time in the Liverpool game didnt disrupt the flow of the game. I agree football didnt need changing, but it is changing, and VAR appears to be the future. The original post refers to how the EPL has taken VAR and is using it slightly differently from what weve seen before in the World Cup and the Champions League. While not a fan of VAR on the whole (I like that football can be controversial and open to interpretation, and provides talking points) I do think that so far, the games havent been disrupted too much, and that the EPL might using it the right way, if indeed there is a right way.
  4. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    Its not VAR that is at fault, its the lawmakers who had to tighten up the laws so that use VAR could be implemented more smoothly that are at fault. So far, Ive not seen a PL ref use a monitor, all of the reviews are handled by the VAR who has decided offside or onside etc etc etc, or in the City game, the keeper moving off his line before a penalty is taken. The Video Ref is watching while play continues to the next stoppage.
  5. Vinnie

    Celtic v Pars

    Itll be interesting to see if Craw can set up a team for damage limitation. There will be games this season where playing on break might be needed, rather than the high octane pressing game.
  6. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    I think that referees make their decisions as honestly as possible 100% of the time
  7. Friday 23rd Aug Morton v Partick Th 1 - 2 Sat 24th Aug Alloa v Arbroath 1 - 0 Ayr v QoS 2 - 0 Dundee v ICT 1 - 1 Dunfermline v Dundee Utd (Crowd) 1 - 2 (6227) (Joker)
  8. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    I think this is where expectation and reality fall out of sync. And for me, thats why Im not a fan of it. I think that for it to work fairly and properly, its right to expect that 100% decisions will be correct. Whereas, if camera angles and/or interpretation mean that decisions are only correct 75% of the time, the reality is that it doesnt work. Folk will say that if you get the majority of decisions right then its a good thing, but that view will be biased by how it works for your club. I imagine Leicesters forums and message boards love VAR today. Next week, the week after, or even a month down the line when its worked against, perhaps they'll like it less.
  9. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    There will always be examples of it working for some teams and not others. The Pars could have done with it against Dundee for the second penalty, and perhaps the first (although the by the new rules that one would probably still have been given). Im not convinced it will work in the long term. Camera angles dont always allow for decisions to be conclusive, there will still always be elements of interpretation.
  10. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    Thats not VARs fault, thats the fault of lawmakers ****ing about with the laws of the game. Its a handball under the laws, not that I agree with the laws. I think the laws are too rigid, created by folks who maybe havent played top level sport. VAR was applied correctly. Im not a convert to VAR yet. But its use has been less intrusive compared to the World Cup and CL last season.
  11. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    But it didnt disrupt the flow of the game when play resumed.
  12. Vinnie

    VAR in the Premier League

    So far so good. Watched the Liverpool game and there was little need for it so the game ran uninterupted. Watched City at West Ham. Full of incidents, and I think VAR got everything right with little disruption.
  13. Didnt think I did that well this week right enough
  14. Quick question - In the top five this week it says I got 29, in the league table it says 23, or am I being thick?
  15. Vinnie

    Fass signs!!!!

    A few folk made comments like that on here last season. I remember folk being ****ed at his decision to leave after the League One win. Not gonna search threads about Faiss, but last season folk were more than a little disappointed by his efforts last season.