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  1. Vinnie

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Reasonably easy mistake to make. The L and N keys arent too far apart!
  2. Vinnie

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Trump is an absolute end of a bell. I know the title of President comes with a tag Leader of the World, he seems to think it allows him to say and do as he pleases without any repercussions. I see him winning a second term, which is far from ideal. Part of the trouble is that he had made progress to create jobs and boost the economy, and folk were seeing that he was making their part of America "great again", and that earns him some support when Politicians are usually liars and thieves. Its a shame its at the detriment of everyone else. His handling of COVID has been horrendous. Its a shame he hasnt caught it. The fact he hasnt gives him this air of invincibility - Americans love a President and a Hero and this kind of roles that all into one - and allows conspiracy theorists to claim its all a hoax. Its little wonder their infection is going through the roof - an idiot leading idiots.
  3. Vinnie

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    All fans lose their heads from time to time when it comes to their football teams. Some go to greater extremes than others. The Liver Building is such a symbol for Liverpool, that on one hand it surprises me that Liverpool would "attack" it with flares. Then I remember that Everton are HQ'd in there now, and perhaps their offices were the target? Strange behaviour, and stupid behaviour, and scummy behaviour. But you cant tar all fans with the same brush, after all, I know one or two decent OF fans... it is literally only one or two, but they do exist.
  4. Vinnie

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    Same happened at Portobello. Not only an English problem, we have our idiots too. Very well deserved. Although you could argue that City gave the title away dropping so many points to teams youd expect them to destroy. Well done with the "stumble near the finish line" Steven Gerrard slip reference. A cap doffed @GG Riva.
  5. Even written words can be taken out of context. Think of the amount of times you written things on here that folk have misunderstood. Obviously we dont know the full ins and outs of all of the SPFL discussions, but you have to feel a degree of sympathy for Jambos and Jags. Neither club was so far adrift that the odds were completely stacked against survival.
  6. I guess it depends on how the context under which the assurances were made or implied? I guess that thats open to interpretation? From what I had read, my understanding was that reconstruction would happen, and the review being undertaken was how reconstruction would look?
  7. It appeared to me that Hearts and Partick were given "assurances" about restructuring the league, as were likes of Falkirk and Inverness, and that voting to end the season early was in their interests. Those "promises" seem to have been broken, various other discussions have been held, with other possible resolutions considered and discarded.
  8. Vinnie

    SPFL board to take charge of decision making

    Its a strange set up we have. And its little wonder that we have such a cluster**** going on just now.
  9. Vinnie

    Neilson to Hearts!!!!

    Thank you for not letting me down.
  10. Vinnie

    Neilson to Hearts!!!!

    And now its being suggested that ex Arsenal and Germany keeper Jens Lehmann could be headed to Tannadice as Neilson's replacement. Which would be a bit of a bizarre choice, as I cant think think of many goalkeepers who have transitioned to Head Coach positions anywhere? Im sure someone will correct though?
  11. I have a feeling that the structure of Scottish football and the structure of French football are different enough that a French court ruling has limited bearing here. Im of the same mind of S'Ally, its a bargaining tool for extra cash for Jambos and Jags. That said, I dont know where any extra cash will come from, and I dont trust the people who our run game and clubs to be able to reach a compromise.
  12. Vinnie

    Neilson to Hearts!!!!

    I understand why folk would consider it to be strange decision, but in the bigger scheme of things, Jambos are a bigger club and can probably offer a little more money. Maybe he has a stronger emotional tie to Jambos than United? I dont expect for one minute he was offered any assurances of what league they'll be in.
  13. Vinnie

    "Football without fans is nothing..."

    Its a small number of games but thats a significant change in the odds. I expect that when crowds return youll see that %age change back in favour of home teams fairly rapidly.
  14. Vinnie

    Are we all inherently racist?

    The issue of racism confuses me as much as it fascinates and apalls me. It confuses me in that a conversation with one person can be friendly and respectful, while a similar conversation with another can be considered offensive. Whilst I think that the worst examples of racist behaviour are learned, there is still something in all of us that is fearful of anything different. Perhaps not the best analogy, but being scared of spider or a wasp, when theyre minding their own business. Just as some folk love snakes, but may not like cats or dogs. Maybe its simply subconscious until you fell a degree of threat.
  15. Vinnie

    "Football without fans is nothing..."

    The crowd noise is off sync, especially when a goal is scored. But it hasnt been too bad. From an educational view, I think its interesting to see how players and coaches interact. Without the sweary words, its good for youngsters to see.