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  1. Vinnie

    Stewart Petrie

    I wouldnt say I disagree, but being a success at one club doesnt automatically transfer to another... Conte won loads with Juventus, lost the dressing room at Chelsea. Unai Emery was reasonably successful at Sevilla and PSG, but Arsenal arent really an improvement from the Wenger years. Mourinho, successful at Porto, at Real, at Chelsea, at Inter, but Man Utd was a shambles. Thats not say Petrie wouldnt be a success here, if he was allowed the time. And the fact that this thread has started suggests that some folk have the knives out for Crawford already?
  2. I went back and re-read the news report about McLeish "sacking". The report is slightly conflicting, suggesting "mutual consent" but also that Eck accepted the decision in good grace. Accepting the decision suggests to me that it was more the SFAs making, so not really mutual consent at all? Nothing suggested health concerns - although I dont believe he looked particularly well during the trips to Kazakhstan and San Marino. If there is an underlying health issue, I hope he gets the necessary treatment snd recovers. @1950Pars comment suugests a brain injury, however? I wonder though.... where are folk getting information that he is actually ill?
  3. Unfortunately, I dont see many players motivated to play for Scotland. Kieren Tierney pulled out of the recent double header, yet miraculously fit to play for his club. Andy Robertson, missed the trip to Kazakhstan with a sore tooth.... A sore tooth!! Ryan Fraser unwilling to play on the plastic pitch in Astana. There is also a young lad at Birmingham, 22 years old I think, Che Evans. At 22, Id imagine he's unlikely to improve enough to play for England, but he qualifies for Scotland and turned us down. I keep saying this, but folk place too much belief in the notion that Scottish football is any good. Folk look at Celtic's dominance domestically, but Celtic players cant seem to raise their game. Compare Celtic to PSG. Both teams killing their domestic leagues, Celtic and PSG perform poorly in Europe. Is the Scotland job prestigious anymore? And who would folk take? Neil Lennon, although hes likely to be the safe choice for Celtic? Jurgen Klinsmann, probably too expensive ? Terry Henry, expensive, but the stories from Monaco are concerning? What about Sam Allardyce or David Moyes? Steve McClaren is just out of a job?
  4. Vinnie


    A red card? I cant recall him being on a yellow card already? A penalty for sure but a red card for that would be just silly. Granted it changes the course of the game, but even then there is no guarantee that we'd have scored said penalty, there is no guarantee that we'd have held on to a two goal lead.
  5. Vinnie


    Absolutely. Everton at Milwall and Sheffield Wednesday at Chelsea. Both games in the same round and both games on BBC. VAR in use at Stamford Bridge, VAR not in use at Millwall. How does that work? And to cap it off, VAR benefitted Chelsea by reversing a penalty decision. Millwall benefit by no VAR by being awarded a handball goal. The FA's stance - VAR will only be used at Premiership grounds. Why? Both games had the cameras there. Both games involved PL versus Championship teams. If you are going to implement rules, they must be the same for all. Otherwise its a lottery rather than a sport.
  6. Vinnie


    Im not sure... but my immediate thought is that a corner would be the decision, albeit the wrong one.
  7. Vinnie


    No. Its because its inconsistent. Its because the rule doesnt work. Its because it cant be applied across all levels of professional games. Its because the rules are unclear, and its because its too slow. Its no good fixing some errors, we either cleanse the game completely, or we accept that there will be errors and some may be controversial..... And accept that its the controversy that in part creates the interest and buzz about football on the whole.
  8. Vinnie


    Yeah, I agree with the offside example, but I hadnt even considered the two yellows example. Would the second yellow not need to be reviewed automatically as the red card constitutes a significant impact on the game?
  9. We only have a couple of individuals playing at top clubs. Unfortunately, not enough of them play regularly enough, or at a high enough level week in and week out.... Or they arent committed enough, such as Ryan Fraser refusing to play in Astana despite being fully fit.
  10. Vinnie


    Not every action or movement can be captured from the perfect viewing position, so there will continue to be inconsistencies. At the same time, the referees interpretation of incidents remains a deciding factor, so there will continue to be inconsistencies. I think that we need to be recruiting ex-players into referee roles. An understanding of playing the game at the highest levels should be an absolute necessity.
  11. Expectations are too high. We need to go through another few qualifying cycles before we see if the SFA's grassroots initiatives such as SoccerSevens will bear any benefits. Until then, whoever comes in will have to deal with the same dross and mediocre squad pool to choose from.
  12. Vinnie


    Didnt watch it last night, just watched the highlights on YouTube. I agree that both decisions are correct, but I really didnt see the need to hold the game for several minutes for both reviews. Both looked clear cut after just one replay, there was no need to review six, seven, eight times. Its the number of replays that I dont like, along with the phrase "clear and obvious". If its "clear and obvious", and I keep bleeting on about this, you should only need one replay.
  13. Vinnie


    So thats a NO unless they make some changes to how its used?
  14. Vinnie


    Not in its present format, no.
  15. Vinnie

    Is English Football Best in World?

    Happy to be wrong. Its good to see a bit of a shake up.