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  1. lambo1885

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    The guys you know playing Saturday amateur are amateur players, as the contract/registration forms they've signed would stipulate, and any money they receive is to cover expenses, otherwise they're breaking the rules of their amateur registration. I wouldn't class that as being a chauffeur either. However, If you were driving someone around and getting paid for it, no mater how little you're a chauffeur.
  2. lambo1885

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    Replace their club badge with an Asterix........
  3. lambo1885

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    While Ross's statement was spot on. I feel DA-go's should've been used.
  4. lambo1885

    New Kit

    I really liked it, altho i would've prefered black shorts, unitil I seen Sanguine's additions.... That's even better! Gotta have red numbers.
  5. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    Or 16, Dundee and Ayr going up with Us, Morton, Falkirk and Partick going for league........ Agree with SP, not that impressed we voted for this tbh.
  6. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    Ross McArthur supposedly 'bullied' Dundee chairman Nelms into voting yes, Photoshopped WhatsApp messages doing the rounds on FollowFollow..
  7. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    Which is as good a reason as any not to give them it.
  8. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    I thought the vote was on finishing the 3 lower leagues, with discussions on possible league reconstruction as the deal sweeetener. [edit] If there was no relegation why would Hearts vote against it? Or have I picked it up wrong and Hearts didn't vote against it?
  9. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    I thought Hearts (and The rangers) had already voted against the proposal, but it need 3 premiership teams to vote No to stop it?
  10. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    Makes more sense than a 15 team top league tho?
  11. lambo1885

    Dodgy Dundee

    Or 3 up, 1 down?
  12. You have to remember that in the contries with 20 team top leagues, England, Spain, Italy and Germany they also have 4 Champions League places with another 2 Europa league places. This reduces the number of meaningless games as you have top 8/9 playing for european places and bottom 8/9 fighting relegation.
  13. lambo1885

    Null and Void

    From the choices given, Null and voids the only sensible one. I would've thought that delaying the start of next season, and completing this one would've been the best option, but contracts and transfer windows would also make that a mine field.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736
  15. lambo1885

    CL Tonight

    I saw a good stat earlier that said under Simone, Atletico have never lost a knock out CL tie against a team that doesn't include Cristiano Ronaldo. I've not checked it out or anything tho......