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  1. lambo1885

    McLeish to be sacked as Scotland Manager

    Gone now, according to the record.
  2. lambo1885

    Squad for next season

    When did they see it? I'd forgotten he was here until he came on on Sat!!! What a complete waste of time him being here has been, had high hopes when he signed as well. From those out of contract I'd look to keep Craigen, and possibly Louis Longridge. From the loans, doubt we'd be able to get Anderson back. I'd like to get Blair, even tho he was awful on Sat. Dundee can keep the other 2. From the youngsters I've liked what i've seen of Todd and McCann, so would like them to stay. Can't say for the others. Plenty of scope there for an overhaul imo.
  3. lambo1885

    UB40 or UB40?

    Ali is one of the bothers. Robin's the other brother, their other brother Duncan was brought in to 'replace' Ali. Can't have UB40 without Ali and Astro.
  4. lambo1885

    UB40 or UB40?

    Ali, Astro and Mickey 👍
  5. lambo1885

    Getting scores from elsewhere before the internet

    I mind that paper, when I was that bit older we used to get it in the old Esso in kirkcaldy on the way home with our chippy....
  6. lambo1885

    James Craigan

    I think it's unfair to say he's not the most gifted player, as I think technically he's very good and can play with both feet. His major draw back is his (lack of) pace, but he's an intelligent player so it doesn't cause that much problems.
  7. lambo1885

    Declan Rice

    The rule should be as soon as you've played for 1 country that's it. None of this friendly nonsense, even playing u21 for one and full for another isn't really right for me.
  8. lambo1885

    Emiliano Sala

    You'd definitely think there was better options than the one chosen. Hindsight's great i suppose....
  9. lambo1885

    Emiliano Sala

    You can fly from Nante to Stanstead. I've done it on a few occasions. Don't know about Stanstead to Cardiff though.
  10. lambo1885

    Perceived Refereeing Bias

    I don't think referee's are biased or cheat. I think they are just not very good, I also think that when smaller teams are playing either of Celtic or Rangers, the ref knows that if they make a mistake against either of them the amount of abuse and hassle they'll get and therefore are more likely to give 50/50's, or if they're not sure about a decision, in Celtic or Rangers favor.