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  1. lambo1885

    CL - Love it or Loathe it?

    I like the CL tbh. I enjoy watching some of the best players and managers on the planet, sometimes the games don't live up to the hype/expectation but that will happen at any level of the game. Is there too much money in the game, yeh, but does it detract from what's on show? not imo. I watched the Barca v Inter game and thought it was a really good match, first half Inter could've been out of sight and the way Inter played the ball out of defence, was at times far superior to Barca doing it....
  2. lambo1885

    VAR in the Premier League

    I like the idea of VAR, but I'm not to sure on how it's being applied. I think 'clear and obvious mistakes' should be what the VAR decisions are made on. The VAR refs should be given 30 second to decide, if it takes longer than that then it's not clear or obvious and decision on the pitch stands.
  3. lambo1885

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    East Fife fan at my work, says they're discussing moving it to EEP or the San Giro.
  4. lambo1885

    Hibs Ownership

    When has an investor come in and purchased a Scottish team and it's been a long term success? Only one I can think off is MacGregor at Ross County. Dundee and Livi on numerous occasions, Hearts, Rangers have all been left up the creek due to following supposed millions......
  5. lambo1885

    v Kelty Hearts (a) Wednesday

    Is the game not on Wednesday now?
  6. lambo1885


  7. lambo1885

    Championship League Table Predictor

    1. Dundee United 2. Dundee 3. ICT 4. Pars 5. Partick 6. Queens 7. Morton 8. Alloa 9. Ayr 10. Arbroath
  8. lambo1885

    Opening fixtures.....

    Home to Dundee, away to Queens, Home to Utd. Finishing the season at Caley....
  9. lambo1885

    Qatar in the Copa America

    Australia play in the Asian federation due to lack of competition in their own continent.
  10. lambo1885

    Qatar in the Copa America

    It's to do with making up the numbers, last few tournaments they've had Mexico and the USA involved. But I think they are involved in something in their own federation. I believe Qatar and Japan were invited as they were the finalists in this years Asian Cup, Qatar won 3-1.
  11. lambo1885

    Ewan Murray signed

    Speaking to a couple of wee team supporting mates and they feel that Murray will be able to step up to the championship easily. They're not so sure about Nisbet, as they felt he was easily bullied out of games.
  12. lambo1885

    Ewan Murray signed

    Confirmed on a 2 year deal https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Euan_Murray_joins_DAFC&ID=11271
  13. lambo1885

    Jason Dair

    .net in meltdown about it already. If he does come in hopefully it works out, i believe he's highly thought off as a coach.
  14. lambo1885

    Jackson Longridge

    Fee may cover cost of bringing in Murray and Nisbet? Disappointed he's away, as he was one of the few who actually did okay last season. Hopefully a sell on clause added.
  15. Gabby McGill signed on a 2 year deal from Middlesborough Academy. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Gabby_McGill_joins_DAFC&ID=11254