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    Eight years and nine months since Billy George introduced me to Ross McArthur and we set out to save the Pars. End of a chapter. It has not been dull.
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    Cheers for the welcome guys, converted from .net after the recent events. Hopefully some more shall follow suit!
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    Just need Adam Warlock to punch everyone's puss.
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    It's like a collection of raspers from the "white dug ****e" era on here. I like it 👍
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    As I said on another thread, just back on here, or any Pars site, after 18 months away, and I’m reading this with my jaw hanging open. I’d love to say I’m surprised but I’m really not. Had I known about this, I’d have definitely had something to say to the club. I’ve long had my suspicions about the leanings of that particular poster and he’s basically just confirmed it, like they always do, and the owner of that site is an utter disgrace for that so-called apology. The sooner the club rid themselves of the reliance on individuals like that, and take the strongest possible position on that site and it’s affiliation, unofficial or otherwise, with the club, the better. They took a tough stance on a young laddie using the clubs imagery in his harmless YouTube reviews so I’d have expected them to have fired a huge rocket across their bows for the disgusting stuff I’ve seen shared here. Having said that, the man-child will need to be managed carefully but I also hope the club has now learned it’s lesson in putting all its eggs in one basket. A single point of failure is no good for any sort of disaster recovery procedure so that absolutely needs addressed and quickly.
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    Ross wrote to me personally when my son died - he’s a class act - make no mistake…..
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    I noticed this forum mentioned when I was stumbling about on Pie & Bovril and decided to sign up. I've not posted on dot net in about 10 years but still would go on and read it, as I didn't know of any other Pars forums. It's been ridiculously bad for years but has plummeted to new depths recently. It's actually embarrassing that our club is associated/linked to it. I'm glad to be here.
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    Hi everyone, Have moved over from .net also. Have found it has become a nest of vipers, people post opinions and get jumped on and personally attacked because people don't agree. Also found that there seems to be a hard core of posters who seem to feel that they must comment on everything with a I know better than you attitude, and also a level of censorship which is often unfair. Hoping this forum will allow more reasonable discussion without the childish behaviour that has become the norm on . net
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    With our usual immaculate timing, we spoke to Dan Pybus last week, only for lots of things to then happen before we could get this edited and out. Still, hope you enjoy 🙂
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    In answer to why Dunfermline: because we are a club of the right scale for the consortium, we are well run and financially transparent and there is long term growth potential. The personal chemistry is good, and they like our culture. They also think ( and so do I) that their personal skill sets bring something extra to the party. I'm optimistic but we all need to understand that this is a long term play.
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    Alan Temple from the courier (usually very reliable) saying 2 signings expected this week, one before saints game tomorrow (suspect that will be Kennedy) and another by the end of the week. Personally I don’t mind PG taking his time and getting the right players in, league campaign is the priority and that’s still 3 weeks away. New poster here btw, usually read .net but have moved over to escape those power hungry admins with horrific views.
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    I went to the game yesterday and I was pessimistic before it started. Weirdly some folk were of the the opinion we were going to roast the Czechs. I always thought they were marginal favourites tbh. Going into it I felt if we got the breaks/took our chances we could win but I knew the Czechs would still have some chances too. After driving back and then going to the boozer after the game the delusion was still prevelant. "Clarke ****ed it", "Patterson and Gilmour should have started and we would of won". Two lads that have about 10 appearances between them, maybe the would have made a difference, maybe not. But the game either way would have still been a knife edge. Personally I would have played Forrest at fullback and Adams, would have that made a difference, who knows. What I will say is none of our strikers would have scored the two goals the Czech boy scored yesterday. And there's your difference in a game that was all about fine margins.
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    I would favour someone from dafc.net many of them seem to be experts.
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    Hi, just before we all rush out get too busy, I'd just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Also, thanks for continuing to use the site.
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    To all Pars supporters Merry Christmas and a happy New Year where ever in the world you are. Hope we can all meet up sometime in 2021 to see the Pars in their final game of the season and watch the lap of victory for wining the league.
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    Nah, Lennon just has to appear at every game so Hamill can lob him on a weekly basis......
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    Any truth in the rumour that the new owners will be changing our strip to light blue business shirts...? 😉
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    Think it’s only a matter of Time before the majority start to switch. I have - and my commitment is to post more often to keep this place lively so more folk who come can see more content.
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    Elgin away was brilliant, and I'd happily do it again. No way will I be going to see any B teams though.
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    Who are these strangers??? I like my forums cliquey as ****
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    That’s the real miracle here!
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    Keith from dot.net asked me to put this on here as he doesn't have an account. He had an idea to create a small fund to help out any Pars fan in financial difficulty with a short term, interest-free loan. Some of us have chipped in to make this possible. Hi all, We are pleased to say the Pars Fan Loan Fund is now available. The fan-funded and fan-run fund, with no association to DAFC, is available to provide loans of up to £100 to fellow pars fans, interest free. Donj, Oz, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and myself have put up a small amount, which will allow us to see if there`s a demand for the fund. There is enough funding available for a few loans. Others are very welcome to join us in putting money in. There are some light conditions attached to obtaining a loan, for the protection of the borrower. If you need a loan, or want to put money in, then please email parsfanloanfund@gmail.com for details. Cheers, PFTC.
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    Got to agree with you there Superally, at some point we will lose a game and I predict it will be in the Champions League against Barcelona at Barcelona 1-0 defeat but we will gub them 6-2 at EEP like we do to Spanish teams.
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    Dunfermline, Alloa, Hibs, St Johnstone, St Mirren, Livingston and after tomorrow (probably) Celtic and 2angers. Alloa at EEP next please, then Livingston in the semi, and then beating a weak and feeble Celtic in the final. It is written.