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    Deserves a chance to keep us in the Play Off places just now. Hearts want rid of Leslie Neilson. We dinnae want to be like that lot do we?
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    John Robertson is reported as temporarily stepping down as manager of ICT on compassionate leave after suffering a family bereavement last week. Its good to see that ICT are going to support him regardless how long it takes. Robbo is one of the genuine guys out there as he would be a sad loss to the game, i'm sure everyone would wish him well.
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    Have a lot of time for Robbo, always been a nice guy. Credit to ICT for what they are doing.
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    We were mince yesterday. We seem to have forgotten how to build play, use width, take shots from distance, just lump it forward. Not good enough. Crawford will see this season out, and rightly so. Getting rid of just now is utter guff, it isn't going to happen.
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    Nah, can't agree with the OP. We finished 7th in Crawford's first half season in charge in 18/19, were still in with a decent shout of the playoffs when the league was stopped early in 2020, and are currently in 3rd place. That's improvement every season. Crawford deserves at least until the end of term, and then take it from there. I'm confident we'll make the playoffs, and maybe we'll succeed maybe we won't. If we do make the playoffs, Crawford has earned another season IMO.
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    Wighton will score after 35 seconds. We'll then sit back in our own half and see out the rest of the game. The penny will then drop that last week's 2nd half was a training session.
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    The rule regarding concussion subs is being trialled from 6th March until the end of this season. A vote has been passed by all 42 SPFL clubs to bring it into force. https://spfl.co.uk/news/press-release-47485
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    Wighton performed well, scored 2, brought others into play and showed nice touches. Looks a good signing. We got pass marks (just) first half, second half Alloa were the better team. We got away with it and pleased we won, but we need to improve on that performance.... a lot. Improve on delivery into the box, play through the midfield, don't punt high balls from the back ffs. I believe Stevie will sort it out.
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    DJ Waspstinger on the decks, MC Repellent on the mic.
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