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    I'm genuinely astounded by your post, 1950Par. You say it's down to individual interpretation. I'd love to hear the logic underlying your conclusion that I don't like black people. Am I obsessed with race because I posted on this topic more than once? No, but I am concerned as to why a number of prominent politicians stoked up the inherent xenophobia among a section of the electorate, by leading them to believe that a vote for Brexit would help to reduce the number of foreigners entering the UK. (A man I know told me he voted for Brexit because there are too many Muslims in this country. I asked him which part of Europe he thought they'd come from. That stumped him.) We're now inching towards a No Deal Brexit - something Parliament was dead set against a year ago. 21 Tory MPs voted with the opposition. Where are they now? No Deal will mean a shortage of food and medical supplies, dearer foreign travel with long queues, etc. Our political leaders are elected to act in the best interests of their citizens - this Government clearly has its own agenda and it doesn't include the average citizen, but there will be some who will make a lot of money out of this. The pandemic is distracting everyone from the real issues, which will still be with us when Covid-19 has been vanquished. The national media has been preoccupied with the pandemic, so the Government has had a very easy ride concerning its lack of effort in the post Brexit arrangement negotiations. Am I influenced by ''Bloody Foreigners'' by Robert Winder. Guilty as charged, m'lud. It's a wonderful, uplifting account of the history of immigration to Britain and d'you know what? It's very sympathetic towards immigrants, (like me) including those of non Caucasian origin. Have I been in a cupboard for 6 months? I'm sorry, you've lost me there. Perhaps you can illuminate me?