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    Unfortunately I think it’s just society as a whole. With social media and the internet, that dude you’d hear about in the pub with their fantasy theories on the world and life who you’d previously just ignored, now has a platform with literally thousands of others. Football and indeed DAFC are not unique for having zoomers following them and spouting ****. Just way of the world nowadays. Back on topic it’s a tremendous achievement and is a good endorsement of the boards actions this year, long may it continue.
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    I for one would like to congratulate Stevie who has stuck to his guns and turned a corner, along with Shieldsy and Callum, proving what a ridiculous reaction it was by those who made comments like ‘cheap option’ etc when he’d only had the job 5 mins. This was never going to turn round instantly, it was always going to take a couple of games for changes to take effect. Whilst this is not indicative that he is the Messiah or anything like that, it certainly proved the point that a huge amount of people were behaving like absolute bed-wetters without even giving him a chance. Hopefully, he is now doing enough for those folks to see the merits in what he and the club were trying to achieve with the new structure. Well Done Stevie 👏👏👏👏👏
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    Real fans are ****ing ****s and their team are an abomination. Anyone jumping on their glory bandwagon is even worse.
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    Great news for the guys. I supported the change and I'm glad it's working out. As for those who gubbed off slating the new management initiative they're just attention seeking or thick. I read some grovelling garbage on the other site after a poster admitted he'd called it wrong and the back-slapping on his honesty that followed was puke inducing. The amount of times I read posters (fans lol) spouting negativity since their appointment was astounding considering it was a young management team not a lot of consideration was given to the potential damage. It was almost af if they wanted them to fail to vindicate their potentially damaging point of view. Stuff them. You support a team through good and bad
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    Bottom line should be that regardless of intent, if the ball hits your arm or hand, its an infringement. I say regardless of intent because a foul tackle is still a foul tackle even if you are attempting to play the ball, the intent is win the ball, not necessarily to foul the player
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    Well played Manchester Rovers. Pleased for them. Didn't even know they were playing tonight until the Pusbook creaming themselves posts from the windae lickers who have them as their "big" team. Well ****ing played.