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    The board appointed SC and I'm assuming, they tried to give him all their backing regarding player transfers that were needed. I was concerned with the appointment, on the basis of trying an untested manager, but maybe we weren't in a position to go for someone with more experience. Sad the usual abuse that he gets, not on here, but the other place. Guys obviously trying his best. Unfortunately it is time for the club to try a different approach.
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    I'm fairly sure there's a few Tull fans on here, so wanted to pass on that Ian Anderson did an AMA on Reddit earlier that you might enjoy reading through: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/m2ub0m In case you're not familiar, AMA (ask me anything) is basically an online Q&A where famous people can chat back and forth with fans. His AMA ended already, so no time to ask him anything now, but thought there was a good chance it'd be interesting for fans anyway. No need to sign up for Reddit or anything, it's public for anyone to read.
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    Nobody has anything to apologise for, because, 1 we have not yet missed out on the playoffs, and 2, nothing some randoms say on a forum makes any difference to whether or not someone stays in a job. You're trying way too hard Keyser, time to freshen up the act a bit.
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    Missed opportunities today, but before KO I would have gladly grabbed a point with two hands especially when you expect a thumping. Sat back slightly more in the 2nd but over all the performance was much much better. We have to build on that and take the same level of performance into the next game against Ayr at Somerset Park
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    Drinks are in Sanguine tonight, certainly.
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    Drinks are on Sanguine tonight... at least someone's winning this afternoon...
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    I've been following the Pars a bit longer than most on here (1963) and I rate that in my, err... Top 10. Abject, dire, dismal, dreadful, feckless, unacceptable..... I could dig up a few more adjectives but you'll catch my drift. I can handle losing a game to a promotion rival, away from home, provided the team shows a bit of fight and desire.
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    That genuinely ranks up there with one of the worst ever performances in my time following the Pars. Utterly shambolic.
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    Oh, undoubtedly. Doesn't mean Stewart wasn't talking p**h there though. He's a dreadful commentator.
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    Dont think Watson should have played, Still think he was carrying the injury from last week.
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    Two games ago I'd have said its silly for him to go before the end of the season. Hearts have won the league and simple fact is even if we make the playoffs we aren't going to win them with him in charge. Well out his depth, should have been away at the end of last season after an abysmal mid-table finsh.
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    Yeah, I never really thought it was likely. Well, I did at 7.30..
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    8 points covering places 2-8? Wtf. I know our form is poor, but what an opportunity if we can take advantage of these 3 games in hand. COYP!!!
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    Signs on loan from Celtic until end of season
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    I ran all the remaining League fixtures for all teams through a super computer (my head ! ) which actually came up with the prediction that only ONE POINT will separate teams finishing THIRD to SIXTH with us finishing in Fourth on 37points, one point ahead of ICT and Ayr. Lets see how that pans out.
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    He’s going to cost us a play off spot. It’s AJ all over again. Too many happy clappers at this club. They are genuinely part of the problem.
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    If we fail to make the play offs and we tumble down the league, if we don't see improvement, Craw has to go. If he can't meet the clubs ambitions then they will make that decision.
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    O'Hara header, keeper well beaten according to Chick.
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    Gone to ET, should have saved us the bother and gone straight to pens. Well done to Brora though
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    Going great for us... Ending the game with a right back and centre half in midfield... Magic eh
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    First half was pretty even 2nd half was a total embarrassment from start to finish. If ever a sub summed up a manager it was the Wilson for Mayo, negative as ****. Clueless ar** wipe. Makes the decision to loan Turner out even worse considering the lack of options today for that position. Crawford can just **** off now
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    Turner sent aff after 4 mins on his brief Airdrie debut
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