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    Absolutely. Saw him for a chat at the Edinburgh City game over lunch and he looked so much happier in his role at Edinburgh City than when coping with the considerable stresses of management. All best wishes for a speedy recovery. By staying in post during early 2013, he was absolutely central to saving DAFC. It would have been very tricky had he walked in February or March 2013 when his salary was being delayed and not paid in full. Old School.
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    So todays result wasnt the three points we wanted. However, before calling for Craws head, heres a couple of the things that have crossed my mind recently. It may be naive to some... however... 1 - Its a young squad. A few weeks back we were all excited about the potential. 2 - Its a new squad. Its not like the Class of 92 who were all young, but had all come through the ranks together, we brought in the best available young talent from a number of different clubs. As a new squad they will need time to gel, until they do, results will be inconsistent. 3 - Youngsters do tend to be a bit inconsistent, especially when they are still getting to know one another. Inconsistency leads to a wee break down in confidence, and a wee break down in results. Youngsters are also unlikely to react positively to negativity in the stands? 4 - Most of the signings we made were two year deals if I recall correctly? So its a two year plan. One year to gain experience, a second year for a play off push and title challenge. 5 - Chopping and changing manager every season doesnt necessarily help the cause. Each manager has their own style, each manager has their own plan, each manager will want their own squad. We cant afford to chop and change, we cant afford the compensation, we cant pay fees to get in transfer targets. 6 - We didnt lose today, we fought back for a draw and we should take more positive than negative from that. Im a big believer that many of our fans are delusional about the size of the club. Less than 3500 today. That must be well well well below the budgeted target. Less than 3500 today shows arent a big club. Yes bigger than Alloa, but not the massive club some seem to imagine. Im also a big believer that most clubs at this level will take points off one another throughout the season. Im not shocked by the result today. Itll happen to all teams all sesson. Hopefully the team gels and we drop fewer and fewer points as we get stronger and stronger. Hopefully.
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    You seem really angry that someone had stood up to try and waken everyone else to the reality of how **** a state this planet is now in
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    Thistle fans seem to feel he's a proper Partick guy with the right mindset for what they want. To be honest, I'm hoping he struggles as it'll help us this season.
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    Great result, takes some of the pressure of the club and builds confidence for the next game, we can build from this.
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    Get in, great result. Hopefully we can kick on and take confidence into the Alloa match.
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    Not likely to be happening in the foreseeable future -- think you can relax on this one Surface Agent
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    I recall his second spell being bad. Strangely, he did have a decent spell at Dundee in a promotion winning season at some point after leaving EEP. His time at Dens was cut short however after he ****ed on his chips - or rather, shat in some boots.
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    Especially the way the English cricket team collapses.
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    It is not just conspiracy theorists who question aspects of climate change theory. You are unfairly putting words in Vinnie’s mouth there. It is probably fair to say that the majority of scientists believe in man made climate change- to varying degrees- but there are dissenting voices. They should not be simply condemned out of hand as heretics.
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    I remember McCall's second spell as a player and if I remember correctly he was lazy, fat and disinterested. I think because he had left us for Rangers for a decent fee he thought he was above it despite being punted and we signed him back from a mediocre Bradford City side who were only too glad to see the back of him. As a manager he is an absolute rat. Wasn't it him who was seen watching Dundee United while the previous manager was still in place then was announced as their new manager around a week later? I think that him returning to Thistle is a stupid decision on his part. He has left a club that he had punching well above their weight but are a stable club with an owner willing to back them and some decent players. Thistle are absolute dog ****e on the park and a complete basket case off it. Harold Bishop, their lottery winning supporter withdrew his backing and is now part of another takeover bid.
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    No, I'm sorry, there are not "two theories" - there's the overwhelmingly strong and scientifically backed consensus and conclusion that climate change is real, is happening and is very definitely exacerbated by human activity. Then there's the wacko nutjob conspiracy theorist nonsense based on no evidence at all and spread by lunatics like Trump, Alex Jone, Bolsarono, etc that it's all a big hoax. They are in no way equivalent, and they should never be given equal standing.
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    Accusations of unhinged ranting rather than addressing her argument. In fact you are literally suggesting we don't listen to her argument and judge her only what she looks like without audio. And how can you seriously compare a passionate 16 year old with Hitler and Mussolini?
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    Grand. I'll pop in for one or two beforehand. Daughter is at to me to come as well so I'll need to behave unfortunately. Alloa got a bit of a doing at the weekend and we handed one out. Hopefully we both carry that form onto Saturday.
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    I hope this mucks up for both teams for our benefit. Just to add I now dislike of either club or McCall himself.
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    I'm going to the game. Will be heading to Charlie D's as well for a few drinks beforehand. I like drink
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    That's exactly how you came across. are you deliberately ignoring the issues the world had right now? Rising sea levels, warming to the extent that glaciers are melting faster than ever, micro plastic in almost everything we eat, rising population with ever stretched resources (although we're not at critical point... Yet). Talk about these problems than moan about a lassie with aspergers who is trying to wake the world up
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    His ear isn't near the ground, he's over 6ft ffs
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    Great result and massive 3 points Important we build on this next week now
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    EEP is our home. I hope we never, ever leave it.
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    Thought it was a better performance for the most part today, although that should have been a given after the Arbroath and Alloa games. Having said that, it was a game that had 0-0 written all over it - Ridgers didn't have a save to make and Gill made one save from a long range shot and wasn't able to save the penalty. Neither team looked good although Inverness looked a helluva lot stronger and harder than we did. Partick away is now a massive game.
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