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    From Reddit:- "Imagine you knew someone who had slipped into a coma three years ago and now they woke up and asked “what have I missed”? Where would you even begin to summarise what has happened? Well, remember David Cameron – the leader who stuck his pork-sword in a dead pigs mouth? To suck up to his old school friends he called a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. During the campaign, Boris Johnson stood in front of a bus (sadly not while it was moving) to tell us how much better off the NHS would be if we left the EU. Experts in the fields of health, economics, business and security said leaving the EU was a really bad idea. Michael Gove – the love-child of a salamander and Mr Bean – told us we had had enough of experts. Millionaire man-of-the-people Nigel Farage stood in front of a poster showing refugees from Syria – a country the UK had bombed – and used it as an argument for us leaving Europe. He denied it was designed to stir up racial hatred. MP Jo Cox was shot dead by a white supremacist. On the night of the referendum Nigel Farage admitted his campaign had probably lost but said that if the result was something like 52% to 48 it would be “unfinished business by a long way”. His campaign won by 52% to 48. Farage declared it was decisive. Having spent his whole career repeating that we would be better off out of the EU (while earning money from the EU), Farage then claimed “I never said we would be better off out of the EU” before applying for a German passport. David Cameron, the man who started the process, promptly did the greatest disappearing act since Lord Lucan and hasn’t been seen since. Everyone who campaigned for us to leave the EU, rather than put forward a coherent plan, suddenly went very quiet. The task of taking us out of the EU was given to a person who had voted for us to remain. Boris Johnson, a man who has made a career out of insulting foreigners, was made Foreign Secretary. He also revealed that he had made that whole NHS thing up. Michael Gove, the man who said we had had enough of experts, was put in charge of protecting our environment. Rather than draw up a plan for exiting the EU before triggering the process, Theresa May triggered the process without any idea of how to do it. The EU was due to implement tax-avoidance laws targeting the super-rich on 1st April 2019 so it was imperative that Britain left the EU on 29th March 2019. Concerned that she didn’t have a large enough majority to push Brexit through, Theresa May called a general election and lost the majority that she already had. She was forced to use to taxpayer’s money to bribe some Protestant fundamentalists in order to stay in power. It was revealed that Facebook had been selling people’s personal details to some shady companies behind the Leave Campaign. It was also revealed that the Leave Campaign broke the law but this didn’t matter because the result was the “will of the people”. The same shady companies admitted that the Brexit campaign had been used as a “petri-dish for the Trump campaign” to see what they could get away with. Donald Trump was promptly elected as US president. The Trump campaign is currently under investigation for alleged Russian interference. In the UK, the Leave Campaign had received the biggest political donation in history from a man who apparently had no money but was married to a suspected Russian spy. Still, “will of the people” and all that. The man in charge of negotiating our exit from the EU did nothing for nearly two years and then resigned. His replacement was so stunned by the revelation that goods crossed the English Channel by boat that he also resigned. In an attempt to mitigate the potential loss of sea-borne freight, the Transport Minister awarded a shipping contract to a company with no ships (and whose terms and conditions had been copied and pasted from a pizza delivery firm). Theresa May, having lost her majority and been found in contempt of parliament but somehow still in charge, put forward a vote on a Brexit deal. It lost by 68% to 32 so she tried again. It lost by 62% to 38. She is attempting to try a third time. Einstein once said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” but they ignore him because he was foreign. There were calls for a “people’s vote” on the process but Theresa May, who keeps putting forward the same vote on repeat, said that giving the electorate a say would be “undemocratic”. So that’s where we are. And still, in all that time, the thing they would probably find hardest to believe is that England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup."
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    When I was wee, the Scotland team was at least as much of a draw as the Pars. I knew every player, I watched every game, I felt part of something. It's been a long time since I felt the same way. Craig Brown's old boys policy started to put me off, (I especially remember a game against Belgium as a tipping point) Bertie was a disaster, albeit he had squads full of inexperienced players thanks to Brown, and the McLeish, Smith, Strachan merry-go-round has been utterly dispiriting to watch. I'm not a glory hunter (I'm a Pars fan FFS) but I just don't feel that emotional connection with the national team anymore. I want to, and if I watch a game I'll get a bit fired up for it, but tbh, I didn't even know the Kazakhstan game was happening until about an hour before, and then, when I saw the notifications come in for the first two goals, my reactions were first non-surprise, and second, just amusement. 10 year old me couldn't ever have imagined 40 year old me feeling like this about the dark blue jerseys. It's a shame.
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    It was hard to report on, never mind watch us, losing that lead. McDonald, Penrice and Spittal were the main threats I felt. Penrice put in a great cross every time and McD / Spit and Doolan were waiting for it. Tom’s goal was an absolute peach and Bruce fired his in after going around the Partick defence. He did well because they were deep often. Sorry I’m still in match report mode!
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    Aye ok, Anthony Worrall Thompson and Marco Pierre White. Maybe @Paradoxor @Superally can sort for us to have a cookery forum for recipes?
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    A View From The Terrace is brilliant for lower league stuff. On tonight at 11 on BBC Scotland.
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    What are you talking about ? I haven't seen any worship of him on here. Given his record at Dundee, the best that could have been hoped for was that a drop down a division would help him. He is just another striker now, and a struggling one at that. He would have to be a total idiot if he didn't realise that he f**ked up by moving on. The fallout from that turned the Pars first season in the championship from one that could have built on momentum (like Livi or Ayr) into a bottom half consolidation. AJ takes some blame for that too I think. Saying that, anyone who turns in a season like he did as part of a promotion campaign will never quite be just another player. At the moment the new management team will be looking at him objectively. I have seen enough to suggest he is not a lost cause but equally if they move him on then fair enough.
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    You have to hand it to him. He is good at it. He always catches you with the bait, obvious or not. He is definitely a master baiter.
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    Speech from Conservative MEP Richard Ashworth: "For over 25 years no British prime minister ever explained to the British people what Europe did, what are the benefits and why it matters," he says. "They never defended against the untruths that were spoken. "Because of that the British press ran a 20-year campaign based on populist mistrusts, lies and deceit. "The consequence of that in Britain is a sad nation divided like never before. "So let Brexit stand as a cautionary tale to the people of Europe. "You are the generation who have lived through the longest period of peace and the greatest level of prosperity ever. "Never take it for granted - value it, fight for it, defend it every day." Apparently not all Tories are complete idiots. Well said, that man.
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    I try to watch most Scotland games on the laptop/TV or whatever. Went to Hampden a handful of times to see us during Vogts then Smith but never a regular goer. Couple of friendlies up in Aberdeen too. I want us to do well, but right now I won't bother watching on Sunday and I'll find out the score later on. I'll be going to Belgium though as it's not that far for me and a great opportunity to have a good time with my friends. compared to the Pars, I always have to know the score and it means everything to me. They are my constant passion in my life as it was my choice to become a supporter. I wasn't born into it, nor pushed.
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    And the rest! Iirc it was the 98th minute when Richard Gough popped up and set off Andy Roxburgh, dancing about like a bank manager at an acid house party!
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    As a Rangers man, it should be no surprise that McLeish is already into the Brexit spirit.
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    Not all bad news though.... Alloa are winning in Grangemouth. ☺
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    Maybe I was just giving you some back, young fella. Life's too short to get upset at some comment on a forum, ken? 😉
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    I've watched every episode so far and not been overly impressed. They try too hard to be funny. Some content is quite good, but it's all a bit hit and miss. It's a good thread topic and I'm interested to hear what others think of it. Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the jovial, juvenile humour?
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    I'll watch it. But only because you promoted it so nicely.
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    I think you missed my sarcasm - May has been a disaster from start to (surely soon?) finish. I was just saying that by being so utterly sh*te she's "spark[ed plenty of] interest in politics again" - just not for the right reasons. Plenty of leavers go the opposite way too. Not to mention all those millions people who didn't vote first time round, who seem to be clearly in the remain camp going by this (55% would vote remain, 19% would vote leave, 25% still wouldn't vote). No deal would be a disaster. May's deal is liked by approximately nobody. The government has failed to get any plan through, and parliament has been stifled (until today, though there's no guarantee of a resolution today either.) Why not go back to the people - now that what is being voted on is much more clearly defined than in 2016?
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    It's PC gone mad, mate. We should be teaching kids it's not just a game and having fun is forbidden #brexitNOW
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    I can see May running down the clock and it looking like a No Deal. I can see it like a game of chicken, who will flinch first, and MPs scrambling around to support Mays Deal as its marginally better than no deal at all. What this whole scenario has taught us, though we already knew it, is that most of our politicians are self serving cretins, and not one of them is a leader, not one of them can inspire their party to back them, not one of them can inspire voters. With or without Europe, we need a leader who can spark an interest in politics again.
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    Roy Barry Hugh Robertson John Lunn Alex Edwards
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    Every time I see the name Ivo Den Beiman I'm reminded of this "Biggie Bo, Biggie Bo, running down the wing" This is entirely the fault of Sanguine Jr, who is only an occasional poster on this forum...
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    He should never have got the job in the first place, complete jobs for the boys type stuff and a massive, massive salary to go along with the dreadful guff like last night.
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    The biggest problem with the Scotland manager job is that nobody good wants it. A failed Brechin City manager turned it down ffs.
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    No, I remember, and you have stuck to your guns. Reminded me of another debate, that's all.
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    Och well. At least it is putting the Brexit fiasco into perspective.
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    Thankfully did not locate a stream of **** - which is fast turning into a loch of urine!