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    Congratulations and a well done must go to own Marv in the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) fans awards In an incredibly difficult category, Dunfermline Athletic fan, Marvyn Stewart was chosen as the Fan of the Year award winner. Since the club fell into administration, Marvyn has raised over £50,000 for her club through numerous fundraising efforts.
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    Surely a very positive sign the club is bringing youth in looking at the reserve team squad. The Fife pathway paying paying off in the next few years?
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    Great performance so far, especially this guy:
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    Loof Lirpa awaiting clearance.
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    Heard from a well connected source that we are on the verge of signing a highly rated young goalscorer from an unnamed academy team in England for the rest of the season. Kanye Bangemin is reputed to be one of the hottest goalscoring prospects in the English academy system at present. Watch this space!
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    Duznyi Skor from Norway
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    "When I was a child I played Subbuteo on My table, then I graduate to Studio One" Massive Attack but I can't remember the bloody name of it.. I always found this lyric to be a masterclass in shamelessly brutal McGonagallesque poetic pap, and it continues to make me smile.. .splendid work...
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    Muirton season 73/74 and I think it's against Dumbarton.
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    I did enjoy going to Gayfield a few years ago. My first visit there in 30 years and it hadn't changed (apart from the segregation fence in the middle of the terracing opposite the main stand). You can only imagine my delight when we were allowed to change ends!
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    I hope Cappielow never changes. I'm too young to remember all the pre-developed grounds except East End. I think thats partly why I love a lower league away day, you get more commonly a terracing experience.
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    You're right, I do disagree :-) They may be super fit highly paid young men, but that doesn't mean a workplace superior screaming abuse at them is ok (talking in the abstract here, as obviously I don't know what happened at Hibs). They can be the vulnerable in society as much as anyone else, and I think it's very unfair to accuse them of "using that for their own ends". The notion that young men should just 'man up' is problematic IMO, in a climate where suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. I'm not saying yelling at players will lead them to kill themselves, just about the wider concept of manning up and ignoring/suppressing feelings. It's not a solution, and it doesn't excuse bullying, where it occurs. If Dempster was presented with evidence of such behaviour she was right, both morally and legally as an employer, to look into it further. If doing so caused the reported abuse from Lennon, then she was quite right to suspend him.
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    It is a side effect of how bullying is no longer tolerated in the wide world in workplaces - or at least is recognised as being out of order. It is obviously a good thing, that in theory at least, workers should not have to put up with personal abuse as part of their everyday life. I would argue that footballers are a different case (I suspect @SanguinePar will disagree), but legally it would be impossible mark them out as unique. Dempster would have been in a difficult situation if she was presented with evidence of what in the wider world would be recognised as bullying and abuse. It is a case of positive developments designed to protect the vulnerable in society being used by super fit highly paid young men for their own ends. Really they should just man up, reflect on what has happened and why, and move on. It may spell the end of hot headed, plain speaking football managers, but I wouldn't want to throw millions of workers to the dogs just so football managers can give a half time no holds barred bollocking.
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    More proof that if you're a LEGEND & GREAT football player, that you don't automatically become a GREAT manager.
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    Is this a woosh? Ryan.
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    Hes been working with the Russians. Im going out on a limb and saying he's a spy. And that he's also on the payroll of Leeds United
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    I thought the game on Saturday had 0-0 written all over it and, up until the penalty, nothing on show made me think otherwise. However once again our hapless defence and lack of a goal scorer really emphasised our glaring deficiencies. We urgently need a striker (who can actually put the ball in the net) and a central defender wouldn’t go wrong either. A defeat on Saturday and we really are right in it (at the wrong end!) as far as I’m concerned.
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    **** the other managers. They've broken no rules that I know of and making the most of their time by learning as much as possible. Smacks of sour grapes because they didn't try it first
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    Emotions were high last night and I posted when I should have known better 😔
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    That first half was really good from us and we were playing well, we were more than competitive against the top team in the league. However where we are you need resilience and confidence and we are lacking that atm. Craw has a job to do in building the squad up but when you don't get the breaks its going to be difficult. I do think we will be OK
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    @scottyboy meant to say the late 80s. I forgot about the knock on effect of Heysel for other clubs.
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    His brother Ikan Bangemin is a player too
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    I kind of agree with @the saline hill puma... I wonder how many of these kids can make the grade, or will even find other distractions. Great that these kids have been given an opportunity though
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    Chick Young is a pr*ck though, so who cares?
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    Durnan is an idiot for the penalty, no question.
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    You would think his irresponsible family would have a word with the doddery auld bistard. Imagine Elizabeth would have kittens if he reversed over one of the dugs.