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    "Get Brexit done" isn't a plan, it's as meaningless as Brexit means Brexit. It's designed for a mob to chant and to look good on a hat. Even where BJ tells us more details of his 'plan', he then openly and repeatedly contradicts parts of it, especially in regard to Northern Ireland and goods checks. If he had a clear plan he wouldn't refuse to do an interview with Andrew Neill (not to mention Susannah and Piers). Come on Uxbridge and South Ruislip, toss this craven, mercenary ba**ard out on his a**e!
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    See, this is something that annoys me because it's a non-argument about Corbyn. His position is crystal clear. He has said that in the event of him winning, they will go back to the EU with some different suggestions, negotiating on that basis (forget about them saying they won't negotiate further, they will, They mean they won't negotiate further on stance Johnson is operating under because no deal is bad all round, and Johnsons deal isn't much better) and then put that back to all of us, to make an INFORMED choice on what that deal should be and whether we still want it on those terms (or not as the case may be) based on the options they present to the EU. He won't say what his stance is because as he has done his entire parliamentary career, he is listening to all sides and putting forward a proposal, for EVERYONE, including his detractors, to vote on, democratically, in an informed manner without his party or personal politics playing any part in it. That's his entire point. The Tories Brexit is NOT what anyone voted for, it's what Johnson, his party of right wing lunatics, and wealthy donors want to push through, it's not even what hard line Brexiters like Farage voted for. I don't get what is so hard to understand about his position, it makes perfect sense to me. If, after all of that, people are still claiming that it's non-democratic to go and get some facts to vote on, to make an informed choice rather than a binary choice of leave/remain with no details as to what that exactly means, when we would still have Leave as an option on the table, then it proves to me that it's not about leaving for a lot of people, its about being right, and not having the guts to hold their hands up and say, 'you know what? I was wrong'. Pride comes before a fall... Someone standing up to people trying to force through legislation with no forethought to the consequences is not anti-democratic, and frankly, most normal folk like myself would rather be protected from the harm of idiots making choices on my families future based on nothing more than the paper they read and the echo chambers they spend their time reading lies in. That is not my idea of deomocracy.
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    Congratulations to Kevin Nisbet for becoming the Ladbrokes Championship player of the Month for November. Has to be worth a couple of Mill now
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    I thought it was a well managed performance. It's easy to say Partick were murder, which they were, but you've still got to beat them and we did with some really good football. All of the goals except one, came from runners getting beyond the ball, and/or putting Partick under pressure high up the park. I'm not sure what more we could have done. As for taking the foot off the gas, I don't have any problem with that whatsoever. We're playing the team sitting in second top tomorrow and taking off Nisbet and the rest of them not getting any needless injuries going hammer and tongs for the last 35 mins was just good game management. Not great for us to see, but we won 5-1, going on 6 or 7, so I don't think there can be any realistic complaints about doing it. If we'd pushed on and scored another couple, but got a couple of injuries in the process, it would have been utterly pointless. You don't get any more points for scoring more goals and we already have a positive goal difference over the team we are chasing in Dundee if we win tomorrow. In short, great win, 4th at home in a row getting us into a good bit of momentum going into tomorrows game.
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    Folk need to give Cammy Gill a break. That was an excellent free kick - well struck and right in the corner. He held his hand up for the one he conceded at Tannadice, admitting he'd lined up the wall slightly wrong. I doubt he repeated that mistake yesterday.
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    Typically over the top responses. Its been done to death on here but here we go again... Crawford has built a young squad with many on two year deals. Many have stepped up a level to the Championship. This year is for gaining experience with the expectation that they step up to challenge for promotion next season. Youngsters are inconsistent, youngsters will make mistakes and it will be frustrating. We cant just rip up the plan and bring in a new man with new ideas. More change will breed more inconsistency.
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    We have a number of ambitious (large-scale) projects in mind - the main aim is still to get wheelchair access to at least some of the 1st Floor Function Suites, preferably by a lift but if for any reason that proves impracticable then we will consider other methods. We would also like to improve the accessible toilet arrangements for users of the Purvis Suite, and in the longer term (when DAFC is in the Premiership!!!) an additional viewing platform in the North Stand would be desirable. There will always be other smaller outlays, and anyone is welcome to attend the next DADSC meeting at 7pm on Monday 27 January in the Jock Stein Suite at EEP.
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    No he didn't, it was horrendous defending. I was sitting about 30 yards away and the keeper saved it, pounced on the rebound with two hands on the ball and Grant kicked it out of his hands straight at Kiltie. All he had to do was shield the ball, protect the area and let him pick it up, Kiltie was the nearest striker 5 yards away. It showed a complete lack of awareness on Grant's part.
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    In before you b**ch at me about it Sat 14th Dec Arbroath 1 v 3 Dundee Utd Ayr 2 v 1 Alloa Dundee 0 v 1 Dunfermline (4927) Morton 0 v 1 QoS Partick 0 v 2 ICT
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    3-1 Nisbet goal machine
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    Prediction League Week 16 Fixtures Sat 7th Dec Arbroath v Dundee Dundee Utd v Alloa Dunfermline v Morton (crowd) ICT v Ayr QoS v Partick Remember to check your predictions before you post. Good Luck and COYP
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    Where's my effing lawyer's number? I may have described the result and performance at Stranraer as "unacceptable " or even a "debacle", but that hardly makes me a "ringleader." Of course, our Vinnie is taking the pith and he seems to have caught a nice big Highland salmon. ☺ I didn't call for Crawford's head on any forum, but rather stated that he would retain my support for as long as he was Pars manager, just like his predecessors. That doesn't make him immune from criticism as he himself stated. I'm delighted the Pars are back on track with two excellent wins, but tomorrow we face a team we are expected to beat without too much trouble and that prospect fills me with apprehension. Why? Cos I'm auld enough to have seen this script many times before and it doesn't always have a happy ending.
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    What backlash? Even on the other place I can imagine that has been muted by the last two games. The follow up to the cup defeat, and the defeat to Alloa just before it, could not have been better. Had these been followed by a home defeat to Partick and defeat at Ayr however, things would have been looking a whole lot different and SC would have had a lot of crap to deal with on top of trying to motivate a downhearted team. I would not have viewed this as sacking territory, but there is no doubt that there would have been negative momentum in the support. But there were no defeats, and there is some positive momentum now. The cup tie was not the end of the world - I said that at the time - but could have been a catalyst for a lot of negativity. Even before the Partick game, I was impressed with how SC handled it - talking responsibility and diverting flack from the players. I feel that the aftermath of the cup defeat has been a bit of turning point. What the accumulated stats tell us is that there are goals in the team and a reasonably mean defence. Remember by contrast last year and the desperation to get a striker in at Christmas? Every decent result not only improves SCs management record (tainted by the end of last season, and not helped by some hard luck at the start of this one), but gives the team confidence as they go along. They have shown they can bounce back from set backs. My biggest fear was that they could get stuck in a rut (thinking about the tail end of last seeason), but the poor team performances in individual games are just the result of inexperience and inconsistency and not signs of a wider malaise I think. The results that have followed each one show that - although the Partick one was particularly pleasing. The appalling home run has been buried. I am sure that they will start getting the hang of playing part timers away from home at some point also. As for the Morton game, you never can tell in this league. We were unlucky not to win at Cappielow, and I was disappointed for Gill losing his clean sheet bonus with seconds to go. Hopefully 2 clean sheets in a row for him and a few goals at the other end.
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    Excellent excellent excellent!!! But.... How can we be 4th? Crawford shouldve been gone weeks ago? No?
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    We're good enough to beat them, we just can't seem to decide which version of us turns up in away games. I don't get it, I've never seen what the difference is playing home or away, just go and do what you do at home!
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    7th September? Are we gaun back in time? 😜😂
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    Gill is capable and overall a competent keeper most of the time, but makes the odd howler. Given the right coaching of course he can improve, let's hope that happens. There's been poor performances by most of the players this season.
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    Highlights now up:
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    I dunno, it was beautifully struck, great free kick. Maybe Gill's positioning could have been a bit better, but it looked pretty unstoppable to me. Fun side note about today - for some reason, among the Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, et Al updates, the Guardian's matchday blog also kept talking about our game! Some screenshots:
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    The young squad excuse is a poor one. Ryan, Dow, Paton, Beadling, Nisbit, Devine and Martin all have plenty experience in that team. Turner was a stand out for Stranraer last season and yet they're edging us out. There's **** all point in finally putting together 3 hard fought victories by following it up with 2 abysmal defeats to part time sides, one of which is a cup game that had 2 weeks preparation. Completely unacceptable stuff.
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    No, Ross, I'm not saying SC has to go if we don't beat Partick, but a win would go a long way towards erasing the pain of Stair Park. Don't ask me to second guess the BoD, but if things don't improve they may feel pressured into making a decision as they did with AJ. Personally, I hope SC can turn things around, but he'll need time to do that. The Board are pretty fair so I think he'll get that.
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    If it's true that some of the squad are swinging the lead, it might be fun if Big Yogi got the job. We could be treated to another epic rant, similar to the one he delivered at the San Starko. ☺
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    Hardie gets all the plaudits for the that title season, but Rutkiewicz was just as important imo.
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    I can't believe the amount of people omitting Rutkiewicz, he was strolling about with his cigar out in his 23 games he was here. Same with Mason, one of our most consistent players in the last 20 years and putting Murdoch over Gallagher