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    I was booked into hospitality next week but hadn't yet paid for it.I will be forwarding a cheque of the same value as a donation instead which actually means that the club get more as they won't be subject to Vat on a donation.
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    0-0 at FT, given the injuries we had im reasonably happy with that and another clean sheet. Arbroath would have thought they could have nicked the three. Still we are back up to 5th. 3pts and 4th would have been ideal - but i'll take what we have got.
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    Thats a harsh view of Beckham. He could run, albeit he wasnt a sprinter, but he was up and down the wing in front of, and in support of Gary Neville, and he did so tirelessly. Beckham is ridiculously under rated, but his legacy to football will undoubtedly be more commercial than for football.
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    Budge "ah'll syooo yoos in the court" Lennon "gee's the title" Meanwhile, Klopp: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/390397-jurgen-klopp-message-to-supporters Scottish football really is a small minded hive of sheightbaggery at times. At the moment, there is nothing wrong with keeping the option of finishing the season open. As the weeks pass, null and void will become the only option.
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    Anyone asking for a refund is a c**t
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    I think we should start an initiative on here to get fans to either join the Lifeline or contribute more if they can short term. We have no cash reserves, no credit facility, no access to further 'soft loans' unless the Board are willing to sacrifice more of their hard earned readies. This crisis No:2 since admin, I think it's that serious. Pars Alive-Second Chance to Survive
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    One way might be for fans to (if they can) buy a membership (or more memberships) of the Lifeline. I've added a second membership myself this morning, and if a lot of people did it, even just temporarily, it could make a difference. I realise that not everyone will be able to do this, of course, but it's a ready-made method for feeding cash to the club during this difficult time.
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    Fifa have £3 billion in the bank, they may need to start distributing cash. If this goes on for a matter of months, without some level of help we're looking at clubs going to the wall. Our own club will not be in a good place with no cash reserves or credit facilities, plus there is no real appetite for our board to keep putting cash in. I think the fans could donate the cash that they would have spent maybe going to the game for instance. But honestly, this will take some unified thinking by those running our game, for the good of our game.
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    Say, 95.23809523809524‬% of them, yeah? 🙂
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    Well, I hate to blow my own trumpet... 🙂
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    BBC now reporting the 500 people thing Here's a thought - if we're allowed 500 people, then run a raffle, £20 a ticket (or whatever) and 500 lucky people get to go after all, while the club keeps the money!
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    Your views are in accordance with the Liverpool FC manager. As for myself, I am awaiting Neil Warnock’s take on the whole thing before I decide how to react.
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    I cant believe someone broke into my house and stole my limbo stick. I mean, how low can you go? Apparently, I dont give my wife enough privacy. At least thats what her diary says. My wife went nuts at me for kicking a dropped ice cube under the refrigerator. We're ok now, its all water under the fridge.
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    Why would he not feature in the Euro's? That would be an over-reaction to say the least. He confronted some banger opening their big mouth thinking they were doing so consequence free. It's about time more fans were pulled up for some of the stuff they shout. Nipper told me of an instance that happened at Falkirk (the game where there is a photo of him giving it the GIRFUY at the corner). A few guys in that corner had called him a paedo, said things about his dad, his wife, his kids, the lot for the full 90 mins. That was his response. The police came in to the dressing room afterwards to speak to him about it, and he basically told them them to poke it after the abuse he had received and they had stood there along with the stewards and done nothing. He said, shout what you want at him, it's water off a ducks back, but don't be shouting stuff about his family and his response was mild compared to what he wanted to do. Those same people shouting that abuse reported him for that. Fitba fans are the most thin-skinned folk going sometimes despite coming out with horrendous stuff themselves. Folk seem to forget, footballers are just guys at their work.
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    Can we not just replace the ligament with one from McGill and he'll be fine again?!
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    Ooops yeah, context was the wrong word. No idea what I was thinking there. Although I suppose there will be folk who will use context to suit their agenda that our results arent so disasterous. Some will argue Ross County is a smaller club and their debt is bigger so we are all good. No, we arent good. None of these results are good. Except QoS and Killie maybe?
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    Anyone who encroaches on the pitch during the game deserves a clip aroon the ear.😡
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    Pele ffs. He’s not even top 10. Messi and C.Ronaldo are the two greatest players of all time, by a considerable margin. Maradona is a distant 3rd.
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    Beckham was a much, much better player than Best in fairness. I'd say he's one of the greatest players of all time. Top 10.
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    Pele named 2 female footballers and El Hadj Diouf in his list of the 125 greatest living players of all time. I think we can quite happily ignore the opinion of footballers in such matters.
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