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    You have to give credit to Ross and the other board members for what they have done and putting in another Ā£300k to get the club on track and going forward. 7 years of trying to get the club moving forward but more investment needed.
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    The situation with the club was stale and indeed probably heading backwards. The Board were having to prop us up with their own cash which would not have been sustainable. There is an admittance that the model which we set out with post Masterton was only limited in its success. Nobody wanted that to work more than me. But if you read what has been said for some time, it wasn't sustainable, seriously it wasn't. So something had to change, this is it and I'm sure due diligence was at the forefront of Ross McArthurs mind. I trust his judgement and the information provided is pretty decent for starters. I'm sure it will become even clearer as this develops. I get the suspision and the need for clarity regarding this consortium's intentions, but for now I'm glad we've got a way ahead, which if handled correctly could be nothing but positive for us. My 2 bobs worth.
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    I wish Socks posted on here, that's a really good summary.
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    I will have to accept your judgment on all this @The Roy Barry Fan Club- (not that I really have any other option). I am however still suspicious of the whole thing. Theres various questions than need to be answered in the coming few weeks and months. How much influence and decision making power are the new investors going to have? It sounds like they want to be involved in the day to day running of the club, does that mean Ross and co can be pushed out at any point?. If you remember back to the days of Masterton one of the key words that came out was "transparency". Our board have been reasonably transparent about the club over the past few years, do the new investors have the same outlook? Will they be taking part in supporters council meetings for one and taking questions directly from fans? What are their targets? Why Dunfermline( have read Ross's answer to that but it was woolly to say the least). How did they approach the club, were we recommended by someone or did we approach them? Do they expect the club to be trading at a loss going forward while they start to run the club? Is that short term and if they are planning to trade at a loss in the short term when do they expect we will return to balancing the book? is the plan to bring in foreign youngsters to develop at the expense of Scottish youngsters? Do they have a target for transfer income in the next 5 years. The main question is quite simply what do these guys want? A question I dont think we will know the answer to for quite some time yet.
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    A happy chap Iā€™m a bit more confident too after listening to it
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    Having read Sammer's post, I'm not surprised he's getting a pasting, as it comes across as pretty paranoid and hyperbolic. Not to mention fairly rude towards RMcA. He raises some valid concerns I think, but his tone is needlessly belligerent and antagonistic. It undermines the points he's making. Re Ross's interview, I agree that he doesn't really say much more than what is in the Q and A. The stuff about how great the German model is doesn't really ring true for me, since what the new investors are doing is directly contrary to that model of fan ownership (that's why they're not doing this in Germany!) However, what Ross is doing here is putting his own face on this, and owning it. He's putting his own credibility on the line and having spoken with him a number of times I have absolutely no doubt that he's both passionate about the club and savvy about this sort of thing. I don't believe for a second that he would ever do anything he thought would be harmful to DAFC (Sammer's claims of "selling out" and "washing his hands of the Pars" are just nonsense IMO) and I have no doubt that he believes that this is the right approach. That always leaves the possibility that he and the rest of the board are being gulled, but again, I really doubt that. I still have misgivings until we find out more, but I'm reasonably comfortable with believing in Ross and the board unless or until we actually have a specific reason for concern, a particular incident, decision or action that we can point to and say, that's not good. They've earned the benefit of the doubt IMO.
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    I think what Keyser is saying is that Black & White Noise will be the obvious forum for the new shareholders to present their masterplan...
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    Personally I never doubted it was a deal which was well thought out. Happy so far with the information that's been sent out from East End.
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    A copy of socks post on.net and he comes over as a good one on there tbh. Bit of a shock to read, this, and for the time being and until there's a bit more information, I'll treat it with a good dose of scepticism. I don't doubt that those running the club in recent times genuinely care, but at one time Gavin Masterton was also a big Dunfermline fan and we all know how that played out, so I don't think anyone's actions in such a major issue should automatically jst be accepted. Too may people showed that acceptance and deferential attitude back in 2012/13, and ultimately it was not helpful.I've read everything with an open mind, but I do feel uncomfortable about it. The key to it is knowing what their motivation is - at the moment that isn't clear. Given that they have no real care about DAFC as the current board and we as fans do, you'd have to expect that they intend to profit financially somewhere along the line. If they didn't it just wouldn't make any sense at all.So, how do they propose to do this? Scottish football is hardly known as a vehicle for making money so I'm a bit perplexed by it. If someone can improve things for DAFC and make money for themselves in teh process I don't have any great philisophical objection to that, but how can that be done?Can anyone think of any past examples where similar arrangements ahve been successful? Fergus McCann at Celtic is the obvious one, but beyond that I'm really struggling. What's the worst case - something like Anelka at the Rovers?When the club made it out of 2012/13 alive, I was impressed that provision was put in place to prevent any one shareholder having overall control. In the various statements today it's stated that the plan is for this group to own >75% in time, which means they would have complete control. Such a shareholding will allow them to pass any special resolution and nobody can do anything about it. That provision was put in back in 2013 to prevent a Masterton-type situation arising again and so in my view it's regrettable that such a safeguard is about to be destroyed. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø
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    On a happy-clappy, super optimistic note, maybe it is good news for East End Park? The Germans are all about fans and like their "safe" standing areas. Our board are up for it, but have no funds to do it. Maybe there's now a chance this could be looked at?
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    So is Messi signing after his quarantine?
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    I blame Piracy as he was asking about St Pauli on the Abroad topic a few days ago, too much of a coincidence for my liking. I will get the pitchforks and flaming torches ready.
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    Photo of transaction taking place earlier today
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    It's normal practice in these types of deals to set up a new entity as the vehicle
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    looks like my O Grade German might come in useful after all!
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    You're probably right, SP. I never thought of that. Assumed that was the investing company's name all along.
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    From the Q&A: Ok, but what's to stop them getting up to 75.1%, buying the stadium, then selling the club and keeping the land? Particularly when there's a clause that Pars United will have first option on buying back the club, but there's no mention of that for the stadium. I want to stress that I do trust Ross and others on the board a great deal, so I'm sure this is all fine. I would just like some kind of reassurance.
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    All excellent questions @Fifes EliteElite- particularly the one about what is the benefit to these guys? Who are they, and why do they think it's a good idea to put money into DAFC? It may well be that there's a good answer, in which case this sounds like good news. But we'll see. I also agree on the transparency thing, it feels pretty opaque right now.
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    That bigger slice will be happening in the next year or so. You are right they havnt exercised that option but they have the agreement in place to acquire it by may 2022. I'm very sure they are capable people but I am suspicious of anyone coming into scottish football without any sort of link to it. I have been heavily questioning the set up at the two dundee clubs and what the owners really want out of it and those questions are now the same ones I have about my own club. A few months ago I did ask if the club would be willing to sell more shares to fans(after I heard the rumours)and I was informed that wasnt an option in the current circumstances (probably due to this deal being in place). So as it stands we arnt really a fans owned club,the fans as far as I know cannot buy shares in the club and it looks like the stadium will be acquired by overseas based people with no real attachment to the club.
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    Oh, is that why you're called VOX? I always wondered :-) Fwiw Shaddap Your Face was my favourite song when I was wee!
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    In my defence, the pubs were class.
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    Piracy, generally it is very easy as long as it is not a team which has a ground that is nearly always sold out. If you are going to Sporting Lisbon for example if you buy a ticket in advance, more than 24hrs before the game, the ticket will cost say 10euros but if you buy on the day it will be 12.5euros. In some countries you can buy tickets in shops and kiosks well away from the ground also a few years back you could get a ticket from an ATM machine. Always try to get a ticket for the home end. Take a bridie with you for eats as none of these Jonny Foreigner type places seem to have any.
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    I have heard that if they call themselves The Rangers they will also be able to keep all their past history. AWP, I think your family may be able to sue Maradona for breach of copyrite for that move.
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    No scottyboy just Celtic fans, because lets face it some of them carry so many germs due to their unwashed habits that one more virus on them would not be a true test for the rest of the general population.