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    That's perfect. You can buy a Fife+ ticket that covers Fife and Dundee. He can compare the price of that versus his Young Scot discounted ticket. Thanks again. 👍
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    He sounds like someone with his his head screwed on. More than I ever had at that age.
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    Links for you @Digs https://www.stagecoachbus.com/regionaltickets/east-scotland/dunfermline-and-west-fife/unirider Stagecoach have kindly provided maps to highlight the areas the respective tickets cover - the one Im talking about, I think, is the "7 day Fife plus student ticket".
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    My lad is starting college in Kirkcaldy from September and he's investigated travel from Dunfermline. To be fair, I may only be gettingg half the story here, and I may have picked it up slightly wrong, or, more likely, hes only told me half of the information he listened to and remembers... Im told its £23 a week for a "Student Pass" for unlimited travel on selected routes - I dont know if that also requires a Student Card or Young Scot Card. My lad mentioned Edinburgh and Livingston are included, so I dont know about Dundee.
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    For me, moving away opened up a proximity to the central belt and Edinburgh. A lot of my mates had already moved also anyway. I can understand it could be different in Dunfermline as it is well placed and is a bigger town than where I came from. It could be he has already got a decent social life going anyway. Commuting for the first year doesn't preclude moving to Dundee later. No need to miss out on nights out either if the opportunity arises. There will always be a floor to sleep on. The practical transport tips seem to have been covered as far as I can tell. I can only give commuting tips a an auld(er) git who as a long commute to. It is simply this. It is not lost time if you use it to read, do coursework or simply stuff you enjoy anyway. The only thing I would advise against is posting on Internet forums early in the morning on the bus or train when you are feeling grumpy. No good ever comes from that. Best of luck to him.
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    I'd urge him to reconsider. It's only a couple of months at a time and a great way to introduce living away from home before a full time move. He'll enjoy uni much more even if an introvert because normally (in Aberdeen at least) they match people up pretty well. It's better going to classes with friends than alone and halls are absolutely the best way of finding them. Anyway, all the best to him I'm sure he'll make the right decision for himself no matter what
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    I watched that as well Scott. Superb wee programme and it just shows you how important it was to the town regarding supporting the local economy. Also great to see them still producing Linoleum.
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    Good thing is it's only an hour up the road if anything goes wrong. They're in a safe environment within the Halls. I worried more the second year when my lassie moved into a flat with some pals. She was fine. They grow up away from home very quickly. Does their self confidence a world of good.
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    Yeah... seen that. I should really stop commenting on some topics as Im made to look like a complete tool when the opposite starts to happen!!
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    Allegedly those well known trouble makers Fu, Sanguine and Buffy (The Gang) were seen knocking lumps out of the ref when he came out, under the directions of Mister Big.
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    Impressive haul for Shankland
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    I thought it really was a game of two halves and a really exciting game to watch. First half I thought we were fantastic, didn't give Dundee any time on the ball and ultimately is what caused the first goal, Nisbet did really well and to decide not to go on and shoot and pass to Dow shows some maturity. Second goal was a pretty poor cross in by all accounts, a high floater which the keeper made a blunder but again what I liked about Nisbet is his anticipation and he was there to head that in, wasn't as easy a goal to take as it looked. The penalty was harsh but as soon as I seen it I just knew the ref was going to give it, it's one of those that could be debated until the cows come home and we'll still be none the wiser. It was a penalty for me but a very, very soft one. Thought we burnt ourselves out after 45mins, Crawford said himself post match he asked them to empty their tank, i was hoping they'd pace themselves a bit more to cater for the full 90 and that proved to be a factor in not getting the three points. That being said we may not have scored two goals if we didn't play with such high intensity initially, it's a difficult one to call. Second half, defensively I thought we were solid, McPake made a couple of changes which also helped but whilst they had much of the ball it didn't really threaten us much but the more possession you get the more likely you do something good and that pass was sweet that led to the second penalty. It was never a penalty and a sore one to take, a ref blunder, there will be plenty of them this season. Some reservations, I'm not convinced our bench is strong enough, maybe if we had Turner available it would have benefitted us more but ultimately i dont think we have enough experience or game changers on the bench. Ashcroft, I will be keeping an eye on him over the next few games but there's something not quite right with him defensively. Set pieces, think we need to work on defending them a little more, Meekings had a free header which really should have put them 1-0 up early on. All in all though, for a young side, that was a very encouraging performance and a joy to watch. I would've taken a point prior to the game it's just a sore one how it eventually came about. MoM - Kevin Nisbet
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    Posted within seconds of each other!!!
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    And Root goes! Curse of the commenter! :-)
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    And no sooner have I posted, Root lost his wicket. Ooops... my bad
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    Agreed, I usually do, but this time I was even more half jaked than usual, so memory is hazy...
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    Done - noticed that Sammy is a 20/1 outsider, but seems to be in with a chance of getting through still. To be fair, I am not sure if Sammy was the best in the group (I was impressed by the Spanish effort), but in the spirit Central Belt Westminster elections, until recently, I would have voted for a sack of tatties if it was wearing a Pars top.
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    Don't know if they have a website, I just downloaded Fantasy Football Scotland from the Google app store.
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    To answer my own question, am in Legends now, and weather is grey, but dry last I checked. Game should be fine.
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    "The planet will do just fine whatever happens" Very much this... the human race will soon discover that no player is bigger than the club... Hopefully I won't be around to see it...
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    Edinburgh City result could be a blessing in disguise. Teach the youngsters that they need 100% effort and concentration, 100% of the time. So a blip, and onwards and upwards against East Kilbride.
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    As long as it doesn't hamper our own operations.
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    Scottish football needs more people like Ross in charge.
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    Congratulations to Edinburgh City. Quite a result for them.
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    Thought their game plan was highly effective, and more suited to the high bounce on the pitch. Two on both of our wide players. Muscled us out of the centre of midfield very often. Thought it was a 0-0, but they took the chance well --Danny Handling has a bit of class about him. Just a break of the ball really. We were effectively stifled in midfield. Our two chances came from moments of individual skill, but their keeper did well to parry them.