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    I'm going to mention Donald Adamson and his selflessness contribution toward the club over the last 10 years alongside Ross McArthur. Donald is a man who stood right into the clubs mess in September 2012, after contacting a small group of us fans who were attempting to highlight the disasterous mismanagement of our club. Donald provided much needed proffessional help and advice and also pulled in some heavily influential people to assist our campaign to win our club back. He worked side by side with Ross McArthur back then, and they've maintained a real respect between them to this day (2 good honest men). Donald has been heavily involved with the club since 2013, quietly going about his business. Like Ross, I believe he is also now stepping down from his present responsibilities and rightly letting others take over the reins of responsibility. So as a Pars fan, a huge personal thanks from me to Donald for his contribution toward keeping our club alive and working toward our clubs future wellbeing. Good job done, top man. COYP
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    Honestly, the sheer amount of utter pish I've just read through in the last five pages is absolutely wild, I don't think there's been a single theory that hasn't got a massive, gaping, mahoosive flaw right through the middle of it. But let's try go through them. The board appointed PG and JH in a deliberate attempt to relegate us - Now while we all known these were two bad decisions, the PG decision making process was actually described in some detail at the supporters meeting, we wanted a head coach who had a good reputation for developing players, and we thought PG was that guy, we didn't comprehend he was bad at loads of other things sadly, to come onto the massive flaw in this. People are saying that to get us relegated, the board then sacked the manager who had no wins? And then appointed a manager who had just recently pulled Ross County out of a similar situation? To guarantee we'd go down? Now there's plenty people saying Hughes is **** now, but go back to the time of his appointment and you had plenty believing we'd just pulled off a great appointment. To further go into this, the board doubled down by backing and funding Hughes pretty significantly in the January Transforms window, bringing in a considerable amount of players? None of that makes sense. We want to do a St Mirren - Honestly this is hugging the absolute life out of me reading about St Mirren, you're just showing yourself up for knowing absolutely nothing. Incase anyone isn't aware, St Mirren sold there old stadium for a package worth about 15 million, it cleared all there debts, and tesco in turn built them a new stadium and a training ground, it was an insanely good deal which has led to St Mirren being a pretty consistent Premier league team, while we have not. Now, if it was as simple as doing a St Mirren every club and Scotland would do it, do you want to know why no other club in Scotland has been able to do a St Mirren? Because just after the deal went through there was a pretty ****ing massive recession, it just simply isn't worth it and supermarkets don't buy up land like that anymore, tesco didn't even build a store on Love street in the end, if the investers want to make there money this way they'd still have to finance building a new stadium, the profits would be minimal. Ross McArthur knows all this and has kept quiet - Seriously, read that and read it again, are you saying Ross McArthur, one of the key bodies in saving the club, knows about a great conspiracy theory to kill us off and just can't be ***ed to tell anyone? We can all debate on how successful his tenure has been, but there's no absolutely no discussion on how much McArthur loves the Pars. You can't sustain EEP in league one - We did, as a full time team, for three seasons, and we turned a profit in two of them, what pish. The directors are builders so they must be in on it- Have you stopped to consider that the building companies are probably the most profitable small businesses in Dunfermline, and as such the owners will be amongst the select few who can actually afford to invest in a football team? I have honestly never read such pish in all my life.
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    I think it’s fair to say that a big mistake has been made with the pricing for this match. The club should be doing everything possible to encourage fans along to create an atmosphere and try to win. To treat a relegation playoff as a cash cow is contemptible. We had nearly 2,000 more fans than any other Championship game on Friday night, with only a handful of away fans. This sort of loyalty in the face of dismal failure should be rewarded, not penalised.
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    You have just proven my point. Anonomous ex player says some people (un-named) might have done something at some point and not to trust said un-named people(or is it all the people in the lifeline?).No real facts. And it could cause people to think twice about putting money into the lifeline. I'm sort of over all this patter now, if folk have seen individuals doing something untoward let's just get it out there rather than this pishy cryptic nonsense it's a distraction. Like I said earlier I have tried to seek out people who were involved in the club privately(and confidentially offering to go for a pint so it's not typed in messages etc) but with no luck. All very frustrating. End of the day if people really want certain folk out of the club they really need to be coming out with something more tangible than all this.
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    I'd have saved thousands 😂
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    Have held back but now have to say it. We are now facing a season in the seaside leagues and a major rebuild throughout the club is absolutely necessary. However, it should not be with Yogi Hughes as Manager. If his resignation isn't in by Monday morning at least then The Board have no choice but to remove him.
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    They aren’t going to change the pricing now for Saturday, far too late as a lot have bought tickets already. I don’t think GG there has been a misjudgement of the mood, you’d think it was an absolute no brainer, the team have been brutal this season but when they have played at their best it’s when the crowd has been on it, so pack the stadium with £10 entrants and teams like Queens Park/Airdrie/Montrose are more likely to crumble. That’s not what the board have done, they’ve used it as an opportunity to fleece fans and take advantage knowing that a lot of fans (including myself) will suck it up and pay up because it is such a big game. It’s a blatant money grab. They should be ashamed of themselves, advertising season tickets to fans, buy early, gives us an opportunity to be best prepared for the promotion push…£300+ a ticket. Make no mistake, this season was an excellent opportunity for us to get promoted. The board hire Peter Grant who didn’t even apply for the gig and were too stubborn to make the changes that were so obvious to so many so early on, instead post daft statements targeting the fans and now we’re close to being relegated, which is a real possibility, none of these teams are going to be pushovers. It truly has been a shambles.
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    Where is all this ‘we can’t have a stadium like EEP in League One’ coming from anyway? I was under the impression we managed to turn a profit ‘with a stadium like EEP’ the last time we were in League One? So it’s clearly manageable.
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    Few things here that I want to say (on the back of today's utter frustration). I like Yogi Hughes, I probably liked Peter Grant (met him and socialised with him many years ago). They're just guys doing their best to provide us with success. So that said there's absolutely no need for any level of malice. Same with those board members who appointed these guys. Only doing their best. However, their best isn't cutting the mustard. They know that, we know that. Decision making is a lonely place when it affects so many people, but your motivation is to change the situation is always the key. Sometimes you've got to take a boot to the stanes and then reflect. I know that's how I feel nust now. I believe as a club we'll come back, but there needs to be a return to humility and focusing on the collective. I think we've lost that factor along the way in pursuit of our success. This club can only flourish with that rudimentary principle in place. Ross McArthur said our vision of a supporter based ownership model wasn't working, the board members had no more appetite for further personal investment. I get that 100%. Along came the 'Germans', Fussball GmbH to be more precise. The investment was needed, but more than the money I wanted them to love this club like we do: that way they'd stay and get stuck in for the cause. But given the situation today who knows what they're now thinking. Have they the stomach for the fight?, which is a fair question. I'm not sure or convinced. I think they really need to take control from a hands on, day to day leadership role. Effective leadership, looking and listening to guage what's really going on and making judgements based on fans points of view, not just those who share time with on matchdays in the hospitality sector. Cast aside that silo mentality that exists with those 'better off' Pars fans, them all assuming they know better because they're in the know on matchdays through insulated chatter. Open up the gates and seek potential from the wider fan base and not rely on a restricted pool of a minority of fans, some of whom are riddled with self entitlement. After the Rovers game (that was abandoned) we were in Somewhere Else, I met Thomas Meggle. A board member told me to behave in front of a gentleman before I got too engaged chat-wise. F*ck off I thought to myself. Who are you to dispense morality to me given you're not in a position to do so. I can hold myself in any company when I have to. Anyway, I pretty much ignored the advice and I reckon Meggle listened with interest. My worry is the German gentlemen are being fed the same old regurgitated chaff and hopefully they can see through it and base their decisions for the club on a fuller asessment than they've currentky been given by some of our top brass at the club.
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    In my view his position is untenable.
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    Have to say that £20 is a absolute rip off and sheer robbery, especially after this season and with Covid this has been a real snub to Pars fans. I'm also disappointed that ST holders will not be allowed in. It has hardly been good value this season and I suspect given the current and anticipated cost of living crisis a good few will be reconsidering renewing theirs for next season especially if we get relegated.
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    He's an arse. Seriously though top guy Donald. Ross rightly took allot of the praise during the troubles but Donald is a bit of an unsung hero. TPC
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    Even if that is the case, it's no real surprise with David Cook coming in. He was always going to be reviewing the day to day running, and will no doubt have a remit to implement some restructuring to make it more of a 'professional' set up. To qualify that, I'm not implying Ross, Donald and others who were giving their time for free were unprofessional, absolutely far from it, more that this is part of the building of the infrastructure of the club and running the club with volunteers and a tiny headcount is not something that could ever be sustainable if we want to become successful. All of that being said, and back to the original point, Donald is a guy I only know through his work in helping to save the Pars, and the things he's been involved in since. A nicer, more intelligent and humble guy you'd struggle to meet and I'm sure he'll be blushing when he reads these posts, which is a measure of the man.
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    Worst squad in 30 years? I take it you didn't attend any games during the League 1 season under Potter? 😂 I'm glad he's saying these things again and it's about time the fans started to listen. They aren't here to bang cash into the squad and hope for the best. It's about building an infrastructure beneath the first team and around the club itself. For that to happen and start to bear fruit takes time, 7-9 years in their opinion, and I'm glad they are taking that approach. All the folk screaming for success now or it's a failure are absolutely deluded. We have been struggling since admin and what got us there? Folk spending money we didn't have, good after bad, and it almost killed us. Now, we have people at the helm who are investing but in the right things but are also supporting the playing side too. We need to be patient. Having said all that, I've made my thoughts known on the youth coaching at Fife Elite and the Pars for years. It's been bad and that is one key area they need to get right or the fancy facility won't be worth much. I will counter that though by saying we have 4 players in our current first team squad who have come through the academy, and who all have a decent chance of being a player. All clubs let guys go who do well elsewhere that is not unique to us. You only need to look at the Scotland 2020 squads that were started back in 2010, with a hope of producing players for the 2020 Scotland squad. How many made the full squad out of that? Billy Gilmour, Nathan Patterson, and possibly Aaron Hickey. 3 players from literally thousands. Point being, youth structures are very. very hard to ensure product and make the right call on every single player because players develop at different rates and decisions sometimes have to be made.
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    I cannot echo these sentiments enough - not only has he been a stalwart in rescuing and keeping the Club afloat - he has pumped endless hours of effort and passion to many of the groups around the Club - on top of that he’s a thoroughly decent and honourable man - the support he has given to me in recent years is unmeasurable…….
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    I would like to echo the words above. I first met Donald in the summer of 2013 when I helped organise a sportsman lunch in Valleyfield Club for Save the Pars. The Football Club have been very lucky to have a man and importantly a fan with his vast knowledge, experience and expertise - just like all of us everything done in a voluntary basis. Although I met Donald through Save the Pars, through the years he has been a mentor and a friend, on a personal basis, someone I know I can trust and will give me the best professional advice, particularly on my personal journey from working in a factory to having a complete career change to becoming a public health practitioner.
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    Thank you, Grant. I don't always agree with you, but I fully support your responses here. Instead of the grim conspiracy theories that we have had to plough through today, let me offer you an alternative prospect... Damir Keretic was head of IMG Europe, a giant sports marketing firm which was the creation of Mark McCormack, who in the 1980s wrote the best business guide I ever read, 'What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School'. Do you really think he's interested in making a few quid on a minor land switch in Fife? Or has he a far more interesting plan in his mind? Nick Teller and Albrecht Gundermann are shipping industry guys. No, they are not "shipping magnates" as some suggest on here and dotnet, but they are both well thought of in the industry, have experience of the finance sector and in Teller's case, a truly impressive record of turning around the fortunes of a long established shipping company that looked all but finished. There is no more volatile industry in the world than shipping. To succeed in it requires balls of steel. It normally takes two to three years from ordering a ship to seeing it fully built and sliding down the slipway into commercial operation. The market conditions may have completely changed in that period... a global financial crisis could see a shipowner's potential earnings slide below his loan repayments for the ship; alternatively, a vessel running aground in the Suez Canal or a global pandemic could suddenly see earnings grow by a multiple of 20. Shipowners are used to the booms and busts of the global trading markets... they don't look to make a quick buck. They look to get their money back on their shipping investment in 12 to 15 years, knowing that earnings thereafter will be cream and the profits could be immense. That's why if they say they are looking at DAFC as a seven to eight or nine year project, there is actually every reason to believe them. Instead of contemplating another German supermarket in the town, or opportunities for folk to buy into a small housing estate with lovely views out their back windows of the local cemetery, perhaps there is an alternative that sees EEP remain as it is and a new training ground get established at Rosyth, just as promised... Perhaps the German plan is for Dunfermline Athletic is to be a new model for Scotland, a centre of football excellence for youth from around the world who can learn their trade in a professional environment overseen by the fourth member of the investment team, Thomas Meggle. Where the team has direct links with larger clubs on various continents, and possibly we become part of a Red Bull-like franchise. I would still support the Pars if they were called Red Bull or RB Dunfermline. No bother at all with that if it meant that the club had a sustainable and successful future. Of course, my vision is pure speculation. I have no grounds to believe that this is the way that the Germans are thinking, but my vision has as much merit and likely more credence than that vision being put forward by RM and others who are skeptical of the motives of the German investors. Take a look at the comments of the German investors on the official club website and consider them in the context of this thread. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=DAFC_Fussball_GmbH_to_take_control_of_DAFC&ID=13227 Doubtless, they would have been mightily encouraged seeing 5,500 turn up for the QoS game last week. That was two thousand fans who suddenly emerged from the shadows... a sleeping giant indeed. Everything suggests that the Germans have a plan. It may have been set back a bit by relegation, but they surely have a plan. The imperative for them now is to tell us about it. Just give us some hope that things will get better... I am pretty sure that they will.
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    You evidently don't know Ross McArthur too well. He is walking away now for personal reasons. He has stated as much. One thing you'll get from Ross is honesty and openess. You're definitely off the mark with that opinion.
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    I wouldn’t be taking anyones word as gospel tbh. Lot of people with petty vendettas and axes to grind. Absolute shambles all round.
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    I'm deeply saddened to learn that Donald is also stepping down. While he's not as well known as Ross McArthur by many Pars fans, his contribution to the survival of our club and its subsequent stabilisation, cannot be over stressed. On top of that he's an absolute gem of a man - a real true gent - and I'm sure he'll be blushing furiously if he reads this because he's also a very modest, unassuming chap. 😊 Lang may yir lum reek, Donald and I'll be expecting you to buy me a pint next time I see you at EEP..... 😉
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    The plans to recognise Ross McArthurs contribution will be by the fans in the NW. A display dedicated to Ross paid for by fan contributions. Fans in an area bringing life to the ground and whose former displays recieved cash donations from Ross to help build the atmosphere. As it takes organisation then picking the last game of the season at home seemed logical. The fact we might have to play further games is irrelevant. It's of it's moment in time and a last chance to say thanks to a great Pars man in his last game as Chairman. Never ever forget what this man has done for this club. He should be knighted in my eyes.
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    I think we should all congratulate Rangers on reaching their first European cup final tonight. A remarkable achievement when you consider their entry into the Scottish leagues some 10yrs ago.
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    Mind when we were told the Germans wanted us relegated, hence why we weren't re-inforcing the squad in January. Then we added Jacub, Chalmers, Ambrose, Polworth, Donaldson and Lawless. Why not just stick with the team that was definitely taking us down and not spend the cash? Take it back further - why not keep Grant, not pay him off and not give him more money in January? Scepticism is fine but make sure your narrative is credible.
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    Tickets now reduced for Saturday, statement on club website. Good to see some common sense
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    I really like Coll's attitude. If we somehow manage to stay up, I would like us to try and sign him permanently, and make him captain