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    Constructive feedback to the board. The problem with people like this is they like to hammer home their issue/opinion but don't really seem to take into account consequences or come up with thought out solutions, they also don't want to engage and have dialogue with the people trying to run things because they only care about being entrenched in their own views. Theres also an element of self entitlement about it all and they know in the end they won't have to deal with the consequences anyway.. I have mates that are the same I have given up trying to talk to them, its a pointless exercise and I have better things to spend time on Sack the board? Ok then who takes over? What would the new structure of the club be? Are you going to stand up and convince shareholders to vote for your intended new board members? Are these new board members going to be paid, what will the decision making process be at different levels of the club? These are the very basic questions that come with changing a board right at the off for a company that's turnover is probably near the 7 figure mark in a pretty competitive and volatile industry where setting budgets are impacted by a bad result in one game. There will be 100 more consequences you will have to deal with if you "sack the board". Have the board got everything right, no they haven't, of course they won't they are human beings no one would get everything right but overall they are doing decent in what is a difficult environment.
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    For reasons that some of you will know, I am in a particularly good place to see the amount of effort that the Board put into running the Club. It is phenomenal -- especially from Ross McArthur. However that extends across the Board in all sorts of unheralded ways. Have they made mistakes -- certainly (and they have acknowledged that) around the two year appointment of AJ and trusting him with too big a budget that was not used well. Ross could have explained the reasons for those decisions but typically just took it on the chin as they are in the past. But they are nothing compared to the time, effort and money that they have put in. They don't get paid a bean and spend hundreds of hours every year. So when I read Mr Sherry's comments, I feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment in such a lack of judgement. This is especially the case as I know that Ross is working in a number of ways to bolster the Par's finances in ways that Mr Sherry wouldn't get close to. Of course, the unequal, and in my view unfair, distribution of TV monies in Scotland is at the root of the problem. However it is just worth reminding ourselves that this Board delivered three years of (small)l profits before this year of a large loss. No club other than Dunfermline has made a profit in the Championship for years. I have spent a fair amount of time looking at the variables in the football budget, and I can tell you that there are many risks which inevitably have to be taken if a competitive team is to be put on the park. That is the model in which the Board have to operate. Overall -- I have to say that I have cheered up reading the comments on this thread: My conclusion? Most folk are not daft -- but one or two undoubtedly are.
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    I just get frustrated at the inane made up twaddle punted about by individuals who write this muck and pass it off as an opinion. The Internet has allowed idiots a stage on which to perform. Even a few of the questions being asked at the supporters council on Thursday were exceptionally cringeworthy. Not all of them, but there were a few. Just wanting to hear their own voices. I had to stop myself from blurting out. Moving on though. Anyone with the interpretation skills of a wet sponge got what Ross was saying, got what Shields and Crawford were passionately promoting. I'd just like to say a huge thanks to those working their ar$e off on he clubs behalf. We're lucky to have them ...*OPINION* 🙂
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    He has always been a bit of a stirrer when it comes to the Pars. Mind him hurling abuse at Sandy McNaughton through at Boghead. In mid-rant and McNaughton scores (transpired to be the only goal of the game). He meekly said "Well played, Sandy.". McNaughton just glowered at the *****. Also mind him hurling abuse at Our Lord at Central Park, early 90s. Big Flea banned him from the Pitbauchlie bus. Says it all.
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    I reckon this guy Sherry is a tool. You would think his pals would have a word. He has contributed before regarding Letters to the Press. Thank **** the Cold War is over. Maybe invite this guy on board with the board and let's see how he could run it.
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    First point for me about tonight was it was fairly well attended but it was the same people who usually attend. Secondly it was the same negatively sh*te questions being asked. By christ the Chairman is a patient and understanding man. That said I was impressed by both Shields and Crawford and their level of honesty and obvious passion for their respective jobs. You can see what they're hoping to achieve and it's a brave vision but one that makes absolute sense for a club in our position and indeed for Scottish teams in general. I'm optimistic for the new season, I just wished we could shut up the negative look at me types who write into newspapers, write sh*te on that .Net and try to do the same on the clubs Facebook page. This really needs to be countered at all costs, it's corrosive and giving a minority too much credence. A prime example is a letter in this weeks Dunfermline Press by a fan Mark Sherry. If you get a chance, read it, honestly it's f*ckin pathetic.
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    Whoever wins, it will still have Tory DNA in it. If I could be in any of their shoes, I would do an Ian McCall.
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    Why not have both?
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    Nah Stuart Baxter or Jim Jefferies
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    He’s a ****ing twat - close the thread
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    A bit bored today. Came up with this? A Pars top folk could get behind? Probably a while before we could choose a bespoke offering though?
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    Convict stock? Some banished to Australia and some to Oakley?
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    They look more like ****ey brown shoes from here!
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    Saying nothing can also lead to speculation, although I get both Buffy and Stanza's point about deflection. Going forward Stevie Crawford will have his own team and he won't be able to deflect responsibility for poor performances by blaming 4 or 5 players. That is how I'm seeing it. He'll be Johnny on the spot with the ammo from the first ball kicked in the new season. It'll soon become obvious if disparage to deflect is a tactic in the Managers toolbox. That said I hope he's in a good position next season to be actually praising the players because we're winning.
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    At Thursday's Supporter's meeting, I asked Ross McArthur why clubs like our own don't get together and demand a more equitable split of the income the SPFL generates from TV. The clubs finishing 1 and 2 in the Premiership (no prizes for guessing who they are and are likely to be for the next 100 years) receive 23%, so the remaining 40 clubs have to share 77%. Here's the full breakdown:- Premiership 1st - £3.18m (13.4%) 2nd - £2.28m (9.6%) 3rd - £1.96m (8.25%) 4th - £1.72m (7.25%) 5th - £1.6m (6.75%) 6th - £1.48m (6.25%) 7th - £1.36m (5.75%) 8th - £1.3m (5.5%) 9th - £1.24m (5.25%) 10th - £1.19m (5.0%) 11th - £1.13m (4.75%) 12th - £1.07m (4.5%) Championship 1st - £533,000 (2.25%) 2nd - £450,000 (1.9%) 3rd - £379,000 (1.6%) 4th - £308,000 (1.3%) 5th - £237,000 (1.0%) 6th - £213,000 (0.9%) 7th - £201,000 (0.85%) 8th - £190,000 (0.80%) 9th - £178,000 (0.75%) 10th - £166,000 (0.7%) League 1 1st - £119,000 (0.50%) 2nd - £102,000 (0.43%) 3rd - £83,000 (0.35%) 4th - £81,000 (0.34%) 5th - £78,000 (0.33%) 6th - £76,000 (0.32%) 7th - £73,000 (0.31%) 8th - £71,000 (0.30%) 9th - £69,000 (0.29%) 10th - £66,000 (0.28%) League 2 1st - £64,000 (0.27%) 2nd - £62,000 (0.26%) 3rd - £59,000 (0.25%) 4th - £57,000 (0.24%) 5th - £55,000 (0.23%) 6th - £52,000 (0.22%) 7th - £50,000 (0.21%) 8th - £47,000 (0.20%) 9th - £45,000 (0.19%) 10th - £43,000 (0.18%) He replied that to bring about a change, the Premiership clubs require an 11 to 1 majority and the two Glasgow clubs will always vote against any proposal to redistribute the money in a way which would benefit smaller clubs. Unbelievably, Aberdeen helped Celtic to vote down such a proposal after Rangers were liquidated in 2012. How short sighted was that? What the big Glasgow clubs do not appear to understand or care, is that football clubs are businesses like no other. When supermarkets like Asda and Tesco send little corner shops to the wall, they corner more customers for themselves. Football clubs need their rivals to be in good health to provide competition and stimulate interest and excitement among their paying customers - the fans. I remember there was talk of the ''other 10'' top flight clubs, withdrawing from the SPL as was, with John Yorkston acting as their mouthpiece in the media and attracting a lot of abuse from OF fans at the time, but nothing ever came of it, among fears that FIFA/UEFA would ban the rebel clubs. Surely the time has now come for the 40 clubs to grow a set and challenge the two, who regard the 40 as parasites that this unfair system, in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, cannot and will not be tolerated any longer. I can't imagine that there would be much appetite for 36 Glasgow derbies per season, if the remaining 40 resigned en masse from the SPFL.
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    I rated the guy. Pity he's decided to move on being honest. We'll see how it goes with new signings.
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    Far too sensible, Piracy. The two old guys were able to dominate proceedings because too many folk sat on their hands. The vast majority of the audience never asked a question which I thought was disappointing. After a season like we've just had, I thought folk would be champing at the bit....
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    I wonder if he had anyone in mind to replace the board? Maybe some rich benefactor who will come in, pay off the present directors and fling a few million in. He should have went to the supporters meeting to ask that question. Surprised the Press print his letters (well mibbie no) Must be a load of wealthy business types want to fling money away.
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    Sounds like this twat was dropped on his head at childbirth. Shame, seems once wasn't enough.
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    What amazes me is that its taken you til now to realise that Scottish football is screwed.
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    That is the Brexit deal of football kits. It tries to please everyone but in the end pleases nobody. Red splatters à la 92 to 94 would actually improve it I think.
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    Williamson had a great start to the season, but (like the rest of the team) tailed off quite a bit, when he played anyway. Looked to have added decent crossing to his marauding runs, but again that seemed to disappear. Nice guy, and I wish him well at Thistle, but I'm not heartbroken that he's moved on.
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    So, plenty for them to work with.......
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    This inspirational tune should fire 🔥 them up 👆
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    Ha Ha ! I'll have you know that we went of our own accord to Australia! Have to admit that it was a freebee that took us there though. (Great Great Uncle got a free land grant because he was an ex-soldier.) On the other hand, having family members transported to Oakley was altogether more traumatic............ strangely when I think of my uncle Bill Mitchell running the Greyhound Tavern about 1970, I think of those old western films where everyone hits everyone in a mass rammy. No idea why.... Anyway, the Supporters' Council on Thursday will be much more polite I am sure........... Hoping for a good turnout -- important moment for the Club.