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    Ross McArthur is a man of morals, conviction, decency and integrity. He is a passionate fan of our club. He has worked tirelessly due to his love of this club. He doesn't ask for any thanks. He pulled this club back from the abyss, at personal sacrifice. I know a lot about what that took, as do other Pars fans. Ross will decide when it's time to go and when he does he should be thanked by anyone calling themselves a Pars fan. He's made mistakes. He's not infallible. He's not above critisism. He should be criticised for the appointment of Grant. However this man doesn't deserve to be subjected to any level of abuse. Any fan indulging in such is out of order Regarding those calling for his head, you're entitled to your views. You're entitled to express your frustration. However you're not entitled to dispense vitriolic abuse, or behave like thugs because of your own self entitlement. I'm as *****d off as any fan at the moment, but I've had enough of reading crap on social media about who's fault it is, about how it's all one man's fault, sack this man, sack that man, sack the board, yadda f*ckin yadda. If you're going to protest then do it, that's fair. Offer up constructive critisism. Be passionate, but don't be a mug.
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    Just to note. Usually when Ross McArthur releases a statement he always leaves his name at the bottom of the statement. This statement didn't have his name below it. So I'm not sure he actually put that together or released it himself. In fact he may not even been supportive of it. As for abuse of a vitriolic nature, it maybe that some may have been subjected to some horrible stuff in relation to this whole situation. This isn't right, it's a fitbaw club ffs
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    Won't be me. Pars are my team always. No Pars no other team đź‘Ť
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    If Ross goes, the Germans could soon follow. It was a pre-requisite of the deal that he remained as Chairman. The tone of that post is a disgrace and unlike these idiots, I took the time to contact those they are directing their anger at, and guess what? I got a response. I made my displeasure clear and pointed out that blaming the fans was an error of epic proportions and felt as bad as anything Gavin Masterton said to us that night at the Vine Church. I also said this was making any goodwill, engagement and togetherness they had built up over the years disappear at a rate of naughts. I won’t share the emails here but trust me when I say that there is more to this. I don’t know what specifically but it was clear this isn’t as cut and dried as it may seem. This could mean a few different things, but I’m confident they are directing their anger at the wrong person and even if it is as people seem to think, this wasn’t Ross’s doing. On a separate note, that note is dripping with as much entitlement as the last pile of nonsense they came out with. “timid” reaction at QOTS? Are they joking? Folk are entitled to be annoyed with the situation, they are entitled to be annoyed at that statement. They are not entitled to demand the removal of a guy who has done so much for this club, not just for free but at his own cost and with zero gain. The people who wrote this don’t have the first clue about what he has and hasn’t done and Demanding the removal of him shows they don’t even understand the club they claim is theirs. If they don’t understand any of that, that’s not down to the club or Ross, it’s down to their own laziness becasie I only know what I know because I bothered my arse to go and find out.
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    I’ll admit I’m having real difficulty about yesterday’s statement on several levels, I was reluctant to post in the heat of moment and thought a period of reflection may allow me to have a more pragmatic view. I do think ultimately Grant will be gone but I think he will be there until the beginning of December. I wonder if the board are fearful of making the same mistake and lets be truthful there is no real consensus on who the next manager could be. A longer space will allow the new board time to evaluate what is a difficult decision and perhaps consider potential candidates. We need to attract a quality manager who will galvanise the team and the fans - no easy task but in attracting the right manager we also must be seen as an attractive club where they feel supported and given time to turn the club around. Security is vital – no decent Manager will be taking on a post if they think they are going to be sacked a few weeks down the road. The league is bust, even with a new manager I can’t see now us making a top 4 play off and can only hope for a mid-table spot. Continuing with Grant relegation and division 1 play off is a realistic possibility. Supporters rightly have expectations we should be doing much better but we better get used to it because this is going to be a tough season. Hopefully a new manager coming in towards the end of the year will enable them to “refresh” the team in the Jan window. Wouldn’t bet on any loans though, we are too toxic for that atm. I can understand fans expressing their dissatisfaction and cancelling their lifeline etc, but I will continue to go to games and support the team. I have been Par for many years and remember well the grim years in the 70/80’s. I attended then and will continue to do so and won’t be walking away. Unfortunately the problems we are facing now is becoming more than the manager The statement was a shocker, I can’t believe having read statements from Ross before that he was fully behind that. The board have made some bad decisions but the abuse I have heard from some individuals towards some board members has gone past dissatisfaction to the vindictive. It’s not perfect but largely they are going a decent job for nowt. To bring someone in if they left will cost the club money we can’t afford. I can understand folk are unhappy I’m not happy myself and fans are entitled to be heard but as Dougie Dave would say we don’t need to be “arseholes”.
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    First post on this forum for me, been on .net for a few years now but struggling with someone of the people posting there. Anyway, if true that RM is potentially stepping down to be replaced by Braisby then that for me is a huge worry for our club
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    I'm for Grant being released. That makes sense. However advocating that prominent board members resign isn't feasible. Worth remembering they're there working for nothing, Zilch. They're not just the guys who saved the club, they're the ones keeping the club going. That's the main point, our club isn't in a position to replace prominent, skilled proffessional people with salaried employees. Best chance of enhancing the situation at the club is to get a new manager and get us out of this league. Yes that's easier said than done, yes we've got numerous problems to sort out, but it's got to be done together, including the supporters. Grant isn't our man, he's out his depth. Acknowledge we've made a mistake employing him and get on with the rest of the season.
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    Indeed. Re the Kingdom FM source, I doubt the new owners will respond well if there's an incumbent director who likes divulging info when over-indulging in local hostelries. In fact, I think they'd go through the roof.
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    I also feel for the fella. He's just doing his job. People should remember that, specifically those throwing about personal abuse. That's wrong.
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    Bill Braisby chairman of Dunfermline Athletic. I’d get banned if I put my thoughts on here.
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    I don’t know Ross McArthur personally (spent an evening in the pub with him a couple of others from the forum years ago) but people whose opinion i value and trust have vouched for him and that’s good enough for me. He’s definitely made mistakes but who on earth hasn’t in their job? I have a lot of sympathy for him because he worked his ****ing socks off to save this football club and that buys almost endless goodwill from me. If he’s been subject to any abuse then that’s bang out of order. All that said, I think it maybe is time for someone else to step in and tbh I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to pack it in.
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    Looking forward to the outrage when Petrie won't quit and walk away without a pay off. "We've already given him a testimonial, now he's wanting another wad of cash for doing nothing. Well suited to working in a bank... Petrie GTF."
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    Tbh I’m more annoyed that the people a lot of us put our trust in the bring our club back from the brink think this is an acceptable way to treat the lifeblood of the club. We’ll always appreciate the time and money they put in to the club but a lot of fans weren’t in such a privileged situation to help out that way. They also did what to they could and there were hundreds of them who risked a lot. Sometimes I feel thats forgotten. Alienating those fans who brave the conditions to watch a winless rudderless side is an awful thing to do and will absolutely exasperate matters. There’s no way that statement wasn’t penned without consultation from other board members. It’s a ****ing disgrace.
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    To say I am angry about the events of the last week is an understatement, To be clear this nothing to do with Grant or protests (he should be gone imo). In the next week or so I want certain things that have went on in the public domain in particular something that happened on Sunday and yesterday. Over the last few years I have kept my own council and respected people that have told me things in confidence however with the things that have been going on and the consequences that will probably happen because of it has put me in a very angry place.
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    Nah, that’s no excuse mate, not when it’s whipping people into the behaviour that has been directed towards individuals in the past week. It’s way out of order. Being young doesn’t negate your responsibility as a fan to know what you’re on about. Screaming into the void isn’t protesting, especially when it’s from a point of mis-information that could easily be rectified. They don’t have a clue and that is on them because most of the stuff I know is readily available and the stuff I didn’t I went and found out. In any case, I think something will be said before then that will take the wind out of their sails.
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    If McArthur goes the alternatives don’t bear thinking about. I imagine the guys involved in the protest are likely to be of the younger demographic so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have no idea how much effort McArthur put in to try and save our club during administration.
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    I thought that about Meggle advising Grant how to set out his team. The buck stops with Grant on team tactics and selection. On abuse. Hypothetically: imagine if Ross McArthur walks away if he'd recieved unnecessary vitriolic abuse and that was how his time on the board ended. I don't give a f*ck what anyone says, he'd be more deserving of better treatment. I'm really uneasy about some of the trash talk being banded about on social media. All for fans speaking up, but not nasty stuff, not at all.
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    I think the board should issue a statement today apologising for yesterday's clumsy statement. They should acknowledge that tensions are high, results are not what are expected and reach out to us all to get behind the team during the next few games as, regardless of who is in the dugout, the only way we get out of this predicament is by winning games. They should convey how important the fans are and state that the only way we can achieve our long-term aims is by us all pulling in the same direction. Then they should announce Sliema Par as the new Communications Director.
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    I think Fife's Elite sums up my opinion well on this. We all want Grant gone and the statement yesterday was clearly dreadful. Huge error of judgement by either the existing board or the German investors and hopefully the reaction of 99% of fans commenting online will be a sobering wake up call for where we all are with Grant's ongoing tenure. It's not just the minority who go too far that want him out, it's the vast majority of the fan base. However, off the pitch, our board have gone over and above in recent years to make fans feel engaged and cultivate a community club. I think talk of profiteering from East End Park is well wide of the mark. It over estimates the value of the land and ignores the levels of protection put in place by the community interest company, including the right to buy it back if the investors ever tried to sell it on. More importantly, there's talk on figures as high as 700k being planned to spend on the new training facility and youth academy at Rosyth. We'd never have been in a position to sink that sort of investment in our future previously. Yes, this is an own goal. Yes, Peter Grant should go ASAP. However, take the emotion out of the situation, and there are still some really obvious positives the German's bring and I think we shouldn't be using this bad decision as a carte blanch reason to condemn their overall intentions towards the club. I do think they have completely misjudged the situation with PG though and it is worrying.
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    Today was the dreaded vote of confidence, Grant won't be there much longer as I can see him getting even 3 or 4 games. TBH it would make sense to do it now to during the international break but it is what it is. From my brief encounter with the Germans they seem like decent enough guys I don't think they are here to make money(maybe if we make a large transfer fee somewhere) I do think it's a bit of a project for them. However my fear is where we will be when the initial excitement dies away for the project and they realise what a nightmare running a provincial football club in Scotland's second tier with the hassle it entails. Scottish football has had it's fair share of charlatans and if the current people move on then I fear who will come in next. I'm also not sure why there's a feeling of disengagement. I think ours is just about the only Scottish club that has open meetings with the chairman since he has taken over and allowed an open forum for anyone to come along to get an update from the club, ask questions directly without being censored(we also had two recently with volunteers and fan groups with the investors), in addition before the games prior to covid there was two open bars to the public one with live music and one without for fans to come along to the club and socialise along with the disability group, the school engagement and marvs hub etc, they encourage people to come along. I also think we have an army of volunteers who work to keep the club going which shows commitment from people in the community for the love of the club from the board right down to the club shop there's allot off the field to be positive about(even though that positive stuff seems disregarded by people of forums and social media often enough. We also probably have the best off the field cost ratio of any full time club I would think due to that army of volunteers. In terms of the fans, the problem before the statement was toxicity of the situation, the statement was obviously suppose to calm that down and had the opposite effect. On the field is a problem though and thats probably the most important thing at any football club. and it needs sorted asap.
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    Agree with Keyser too. In regards to the statement, read the f*****g room lads. It beggars belief that they thought this would cut the mustard. It makes me wonder that given they were over ruled, if the previous board members just let that come out to make a point of how idiotic a statement it was. Ross isn’t daft. Im probably in the minority but I also don’t have much of a problem with the final paragraph either, folk going way over the top imo. There’s being annoyed and going over the score. Having said that, it was poor judgment at best to word that how it was.
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    I can sort of understand them not wanting to sack a manager after 8 games. I can also understand them being disappointed at a few folk going a bit overly radge at full time at Ayr and Dumfries. There's ways of communicating that to the masses. This statement is not one of the way to communicate it to the masses.
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    This obsession that fans have, not just us, Celtic are just as bad for it, with appointing managers with connections to the club or ex-players just because they were good ex-players is utter nonsense. There is nothing to suggest Petrie would be any good at this level because he has never managed at a club the size of Dunfermline, he's never managed a budget the size of Dunfermline, he's never managed at a club with a support with the expectations like Dunfermline and has never managed full time players full stop. I'm not saying he couldn't do that job, I'm saying that he is absolutely still a risk and people talk about him as if he is Pep Gaurdiola. If Grant is sacked, which it's looking increasingly likely he will be, then we should follow a proper process of due diligence (something Ross says a lot but arguably failed to do last time round) where we evaluate the applicants who WANT the job and who have the necessary skills capable of taking the club forward. The flip side of that is the 82 applicants that keep getting mentioned (a mistake Ross surely regrets making in mentioning them) may have been 82 diddies with even less experience than Grant for all we know. Just because there are a huge number of applicants for a role, it doesn't mean any are any good (trust me, I work in Recruitment) but that also doesn't mean that a rigorous process of evaluation should not be used. See who is out there, take our time if we have to because we need some stability and we need to get it right this time.
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    Comes with its own bag of confidence.
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    It definitely does. We do need some characters to stand up and be counted now too though. I don't buy into the philosophy of a captain per se, but it is important for the senior players in the dressing room, particularly those who have been there and done it like Dorrans, to make their voices heard in that dressing room in terms of expectations of standards at training and at games and keep those expectations high and encourage all members of the team to call out those who aren't doing their job no matter how senior they are, or how junior the person saying it is. Togetherness isn't just about patting each other on the back and saying 'hard lines, we'll get through this together' it's about pushing each other to be the best version of themselves. If everyone trains and plays to a high standard because they know there is an expectation, then it will elevate performances on the pitch. That's a fact.