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    All the best for 2020 fellow Pars fans. Have a good one.
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    Happy New Year and all the best for 2020!
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    oh my heid ! Happy New Year all.
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    Happy new year.
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    Bliadhna mhath ùr do mo charaidean uile ann an Dùn PhàrlainThig air adhart Pars
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    Have a great one folks!
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    To all fellow Pars fans.
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    A Merry Christmas to all the Pars family .
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    Nollaig chridheil dha luchd-leantainn Dhùn Phàrlain
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    24yrs since Norrie passed and still sadly missed. 4 = Legend. RIP
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    Crawford to become player/ manager must be close to happening just for cover..
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    Kiltie back to Killie - confirmed. Just aswell we have plenty cover......
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    If Berra is decent in goals aye.
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    Meanwhile, Cochrane and McDonald both recalled by Hearts, along with a load of other loans they'd made. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51012416 Not too bothered by that tbh.
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    Would welcome Smith back for sure, I really rate the lad and I'm hopeful he could be the basis of our attack for a good few years.
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    Just read the thread on dotnet about Ryan, I now remember why I rarely do so nowadays. Some absolute nonsense getting spouted on there. My take on it is, he hasn't cut the mustard. His good games have been few and far between and it's entirely wrong to say he hadn't been given a chance. He missed lots of good chances in every season he has played here (Dundee Utd and Falkirk being two glaring misses that spring to mind), if he had been Moffat he'd have been hunted long ago. There are better players in front of him. One post even said he had been the victim of poor management because AJ preferred Clarke, you know, the boy that scored over 20 goals a season for us? FWIW, I really wanted Ryan to succeed, he could finish but if you're not consistent, you're not going to play, simple as, and he missed far too many good chances without doing the good stuff that Moffat used to that made up for his lack of goals. That's what kept him out of the team.
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    it didn't do us much good last week! lol
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    Both teams' results have been so up and down, it's impossible to forecast which way it will go. The fact we've already beaten them twice is neither here nor there. The first goal could well be crucial - again.
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    Happy New Decade all on here.
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    Absolute congratulations to Marv who have been recognised by being awarded a BEM on the Queen's New Years honours list for services to football and the local community. Well deserved.
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    I read Clough's years ago and Bobby Charlton's Manchester United years, bought ahead of a long flight. Not exactly packed with humour and anecdotes, but still enjoyed it as it. He kicks off the book with the Munich air crash. As he says, it is with him every day of his life. A grounded view of a remarkable life. Not an autobiography, but read In Search of Alan Gilzean. Truatmann is a good shout, wouldn't mind reading more about him. Has anyone read Andy Gray's autobiography? Did it warrant the 3 word review that it received in the Absolute Game? Andy Gray - Shades of Gray: For f**k's sake!
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    No idea where to start with this, so I won't.
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    Belated Merry Xmas to everybody on here.
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    Difficult to say. For me personally, if honestly give up any hope of it. If Brexit and a Johnston led Tory Westminster with no alternative isn't enough, nothing will be.