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    It seems that as we are moving closer to a 27 game season starting in Oct the board are now giving thought to releasing plans for Season Tickets for the 20/21 season by the end of next week. Ross McArthur has made a statement highlighting that although fans were entitled to claim a refund for the last three home games no one has claimed compensation - and were rightly praised. I do hope that remains the case but its tough times for many at the moment and we have to understand that money is tight. Despite what will be a significantly reduced budget with only a 27 game season and fewer home games, I'll aim to buy my ST as soon as possible and hopefully other fans will do the same. COYP
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    Well this past 2 months or so has been a shambles in Scottish football. As a team finishing mid table and not really effected massively heres a summary of what we have had to deal with. 1- Lies made up of bullying and leaked / edited whatsapps to a forum about our chairman, refuted by a host of clubs that attended the call 2- Allegations made in a dossier which provided zero evidence and turned out to be nonsense(included a transcript of the whatsapp messages)- this dossier wasted weeks. 3- Lies being made up about what way we voted in regards to reconstruction. Intent on destroying our reputation and hurting us financially and then a journalist posting it as fact. 4- Nothing to note we lost money by ending the season based on positions rather than voiding it and equal shares paid out(in the interests of the wider game if rumours are to be believed about compensation for the broadcasters) 5- Two offical statements having to be released to deal with all this nonsense while we try and get on with keeping the club alive and ready to play again (and our chairman trying to deal with spfl business on their board) Tbh I'm glad my club took the same moral stance as I have had because I would have been embarrassed if they didn't. Next stage is court so let's see how that pans out
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    60 years ago today, was a watershed moment in my life. My family escaped the abject poverty in southern Italy by emigrating to Scotland. Both my parents worked on a dairy farm near Aberdour. It was hard work and long hours (they were up for morning milking at 3 am) but they were paid every Saturday. In Italy they had been tenant farmers on a small piece of land. Two thirds of the produce was the "rent" legally demanded by the land owner. Any animals on the land were split 50-50. I started at the local primary school after the summer holidays, aged 7.5 years. I had no English, so I joined P1. There were no classroom assistants or Support for Learning teachers, but I was able to make good progress thanks to the efforts of Mrs McCrae and my classmates. I spent 6 months at each stage so that by the time I got to P7 I had caught up with my peers. By this time, my family had moved to another farm, near Dunfermline, because Farmer Craig decided to retire and sold the farm. (The new owner brought his own farm workers so my parents were surplus to requirements.) My siblings and I continued to thrive in the Scottish education system, even though our parents spoke very little English and could not offer us any home support. (A family friend took me to see the Pars beat St Johnstone 4-0 in November 1963, confirming me as a Pars fan from that moment.) 🙂 After sitting my 'O'Grades, I applied to become a Telecommunications Engineer, but was knocked back because I was not born in the UK, a requirement of 3 generations, so I went back to school and sat my Highers. I had a particular passion for Chemistry so I ended up teaching in my former high school for 35 years, with 2 years at Glenwood HS sandwiched in between. 37 happy years, doing what I loved best, helping young people to learn to think rationally and critically and hopefully grow into well rounded individuals, ready for life beyond school. I often wonder how things would have turned out if my family hadn't emigrated to Scotland all those years ago. I certainly wouldn't have had the opportunity to study beyond compulsory education age (14) in Italy at that time. Many of the kids of my age moved to the north of Italy and worked in factories for the likes of Fiat and Pirelli. I can't help thinking Somebody up there likes me...... I'm very grateful to my parents who continued to work on the farm until they retired, so that my siblings and I could complete our education. Most of my relatives have ended up working in chip shops, cafes or restaurants. I'm grateful too, to my adopted country, which made us feel welcome from Day 1 and gave my siblings and I the opportunity to realise our potentials.
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    Fk me... I tell you what, Pars fans, I've been slavering obtuse Milliganesque crap on Pars forums for years, but this is truly plumbing the depths... Get a haud o' yerself min... think of the wee bairns...
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    It's a bit weird with the fake crowd noise, but I actually think it's surprisingly ok, and certainly better than hearing the yells in an empty stadium as we saw in the early German games. No substitute for the real thing of course, and I can't wait until real fans can get back to the stadium.
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    Sanguine, is the second last word of the last sentence a spelling mistake?
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    Yep - Steven Whittaker as a player coach: @Fifes Elite - hope you don't mind, I edited your thread title to include SW signing as well
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    How do you delete your account on here?
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    Thank you for not letting me down.
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    Nuno Espirito Santo of Wolves was a goalie. Dino Zoff also had a decent managerial career.
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    Valid point, has anyone spoken to Ross
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    I got my first fix of MOTD since the lockdown last night and the surreal, computer generated "atmosphere" got me thinking that Jock Stein's famous quote wasn't a million miles off the mark. Even Linekar and Co were struggling with it, although the commentators were quite good in the circumstances. I don't think it matters too much if you're playing the game at a modest level, as the players generate their own atmosphere, but watching a game with no fans, especially on TV, is no substitute for the real thing. Even watching a game live, is much more enjoyable when you're in the middle of a noisy crowd, in a full or almost full stadium. Here's hoping they can open the turnstiles again as soon as it's safe. Reducing physical distancing to 1m and opening all 4 stands would allow about 3,000 into EEP, I think, although a lot of organisation would be needed before and after the game, as well as the use of toilets.
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    They are a complete disaster bearing in mind they were forcing players to take wage cuts few weeks ago, now in a position to pay a buy out clause for a manager? Budge has clearly lost the plot and i wouldn't surprised if the players downed tools, can only imagine the scenes if they lost the first couple of games. Half the fan base are clowns based on the comments already regarding us and the other teams "Denying them their rightfull place in the top league".
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    Neilson must be absolutely f***ing mental to leave Utd for Hearts. Unless there's some behind the scenes financial stuff going on, I can't understand it at all, even with his past history at Tynecastle.
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    Missing yer cuddles GG and Sanguine x
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    I guess. I think it'll come back to bite us though.
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    He was out of contract and it would be a struggle to offer him a new one atm. Hamilton will be a step up but they do have a good track record of developing young players so its a wait and see.
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    I couldn't be bothered with the governance of the Scottish game in general as a subject matter due to the levels of politics on display. However, this spineless chattering against our club is concerning but also starting to get my back up. Deliberate misinformation is sh*te behaviour.
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    It was a private company’s own rules and regulations and a series of democratic votes that they lost. They don’t stand a chance.
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    When they were building Longannet I became good Pals with Fritz a black man who was was from Bristol and lodged close to my local pub ..He worked for Foster Wheeler and had a company white van He used to pick me up every Sunday for a wee trip to the Dundonald Arms in Culross for a few bevvies and a game of darts Thinking around 1968/69 I cried when he left to go home back to Bristol ........Ah the memories But back to G.G.'s post Yes I think our generation born late 40's early 50's do/did have a racist tendency borne through lack of information, ignorance, and education as to what actually happened and went on ...We did not have the web back then and I was around 5 before I saw my first black man probably an Indian going round selling rubbish from a suitcase... was I racist then YES ...am I racist now NO Would I worry if my daughter brought a black man home NO Would I worry if I blocked the toilet and lied to the Jannie AYE