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    Eight years and nine months since Billy George introduced me to Ross McArthur and we set out to save the Pars. End of a chapter. It has not been dull.
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    Cheers for the welcome guys, converted from .net after the recent events. Hopefully some more shall follow suit!
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    I noticed this forum mentioned when I was stumbling about on Pie & Bovril and decided to sign up. I've not posted on dot net in about 10 years but still would go on and read it, as I didn't know of any other Pars forums. It's been ridiculously bad for years but has plummeted to new depths recently. It's actually embarrassing that our club is associated/linked to it. I'm glad to be here.
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    With our usual immaculate timing, we spoke to Dan Pybus last week, only for lots of things to then happen before we could get this edited and out. Still, hope you enjoy 🙂
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    In answer to why Dunfermline: because we are a club of the right scale for the consortium, we are well run and financially transparent and there is long term growth potential. The personal chemistry is good, and they like our culture. They also think ( and so do I) that their personal skill sets bring something extra to the party. I'm optimistic but we all need to understand that this is a long term play.
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    Alan Temple from the courier (usually very reliable) saying 2 signings expected this week, one before saints game tomorrow (suspect that will be Kennedy) and another by the end of the week. Personally I don’t mind PG taking his time and getting the right players in, league campaign is the priority and that’s still 3 weeks away. New poster here btw, usually read .net but have moved over to escape those power hungry admins with horrific views.
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    I've heard he goes all in every hand. Deeply concerning.
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    You know something, it was a horrendous time. I was working and living down south in Birmingham. Felt so…helpless it was awful. Dad and I donated as much as we could to (I think) Pars Alive and save the Pars- just what we could afford at the time. We had that awful conversation, what would we have done if the worst happened? And could we have done more. Thankfully loads of people, led by a Hardy band, pulled together and look where we are now. A book would be excellent. I’m no author, but would be willing to take time to convert audio chats and tales from the fans and their perspectives into a few chapters. Thinking it could be A book written by the fans, for the fans, about a time when the fans really did save their club….
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    Any truth in the rumour that the new owners will be changing our strip to light blue business shirts...? 😉
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    Think it’s only a matter of Time before the majority start to switch. I have - and my commitment is to post more often to keep this place lively so more folk who come can see more content.
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    I joined up here ages ago and am now making a concerted effort to post more and also put the word out to other fans to support this forum. Unfortunately it’s just too easy for so many to look at .net, the majority seem moan plenty about it but carry on reading it anyway
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    Goals now up on YouTube:
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    Who are these strangers??? I like my forums cliquey as ****
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    Yea, cautious is good. I still think there should be something put together to acknowledge what happened back in 2013. A book would have been a fitting tribute, although that would be too controversial for some. To be honest I don't think Ross McArthur would encourage anything given there would be some level of controversy and he wouldn't want anything to unsettle the club in any way. However that shouldn't stop fans trying to come up with something. After all it was a fans effort that saved the club. It's now part of our history and things should be detailed for the clubs annals. Maybe recorded interviews with fans who were involved during that time. Done before it all becomes too distant. I never felt anything like I did at that time, it certainly put a bat up ma nightdress. No idea why either as I never had the same level of interest or passion as my dad or brother toward the Pars. I think it was the closest me and brother had been in years during that time. Met some good people at the time and have become friends with many of them. I can't ever see my love for the club ever diminishing till I leave this earth. Onto the next chapter now. Like they say you cannot kill energy, long live Dunfermline Athletic.
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    As when all this was first announced, cautious optimism here from me. I'm still not sure why they'd have picked us particularly, and after the Masterson years, I'm nervous about fan ownership being undone and what that could mean in the years/decades to come. However, the trust of people like Ross McArthur does reassure me that this is probably a Good Thing. Fingers crossed.
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    Tbh the negativity and the levels of self entitlement among some of our support beggars belief. I think Peter Grant will be certified Marmite for most of our support. He is going to put his foot in it now and again due to his absolute positivity and unique demeanour. I like the guy, he'll have us noticed again. He's what is known as a 'character' 😂 The result today was heartening given our forwards are scoring.
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    Glorious, glorious East End Park! :-)
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    I will admit to enjoying a good remonstration with assistant referees. Imagine it was Douglas Ross!
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    Unlike you, DA-go, I'm the Real McCoy - born in Italy of Italian parents and lived there until aged 7, before emigrating with my family to God's ain wee country for economic reasons. I can therefore claim that my leanings towards the Azzurri are not fuelled by any antipathy towards our Anglo-Saxon brothers in the South, but that may not stand up to closer scrutiny. I'm not optimistic that Italy will be able to bring any joy to its burgeoning Scottish fanbase on Sunday evening. Home advantage is massive and on top of that, England have some fabulous players in the squad who have spent much of the tournament on the bench. Imagine being able to bring on the likes of Foden, Mount and Grealish when your opponents are tiring..... Italy's bench is much shorter in quality but they do enjoy a fantastic, almost club-like team spirit, which might carry them over the line if they score the first goal. A pity they lost Spinazzola with that Achilles injury - he carried most of the Azzurri's attacking threat. I wouldn't bet on Italy getting a penalty during the game, either. In spite of their notorious, stereotypical reputation, none of the current Italy squad (Immobile included) are in the same diving league as Kane and Sterling.
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    Elgin away was brilliant, and I'd happily do it again. No way will I be going to see any B teams though.
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    Exactly that. The recent debacle regarding the 1970s viewpoints were potentially damaging for the club. I do think the club need to make their viewpoint know to the site, even though they're not responsible for managing it, they are linked with it. I'm sure they'll make their own viewpoint known. Anyway, let's see what positives moves come out of the initiatives Drew Main mentioned. I'm sure this site will be willing to support them in any way we can.
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    Sorry i misread your post! Yeh due to their fixture we can’t finish lower than 2nd. 😅
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    Thanks Piracy. I think the plan will be to get going when I can on the first bit - and then call in the cavalry when I have some momentum.
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    I think this place could do with an app, the dot.net app is really good, and easier to use on mobile than this site (although I use Hermit for Android to act as an app-like wrapper, and it works pretty well).
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    Clearly it's 5-1-4 Mehmet Comrie Watson Graham MacDonald Edwards Allan Thomas O'Hara Todorov Wighton